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Whatsapp business

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Using WhatsApp Business for Customer service has become imperative. With over 2 Billion Monthly Active users in over 180 Countries and 100 Billion messages a Day, WhatsApp has become the most powerful messaging Application on our planet.

Whatsapp Business

With its handy features like Sending Text, Screenshots, Images, Documents, Locations Voice and Video messages, it empowers the Customers to efficiently communicate with their Service Providers and get immediate response on their Queries.

“With increasing number of customer interactions over whatsapp, Providing 24/7, Efficient and High Quality Customer Service has become a big challenge for today’s Businesses”

Whatsapp Business

Many businesses rely on makeshift Solutions like WhatsApp Web and Team Mobile phone to use WhatsApp for their business communication. Although it is handy, this approach has many problems as well

  • It is only suitable for a limited number of messages, as soon as your customer base grows, it gets more and more difficult to handle the load of communication.
  • You cannot ensure the Quality of Communication and efficiency of your Team. Your agents can misbehave with your Customers and Copy, Share or Delete any Conversation from the mobile phone, without ever letting you know.
  • Communication history is not recorded in any centralized system and is not available for analytics and reporting. 
  • When an employee leaves, he may take all your Contacts, Conversation and Confidential data with him, so there is no data security.
  • Self service and automation is either very basic or not usable by serious businesses.

All these things results in Bad Customer Experiences and Loss for your business

With Intellicon WhatsApp Business Solution, you can overcome all these problems and deliver a delightful customer experience at all the times.

1 – All your customers talk to one WhatsApp Phone Number, be it your UAN (Universal Access Number), Landline or Cell Phone number and then chat with their desired department. For the first time in Pakistan we are offering this feature of operating your WhatsApp Business on your UAN or Landline number.

2Provide 24/7 customer service over WhatsApp, handle 1000s of chats quickly by automating repetitive tasks with our Intelligent Self service Chatbot, resolve most of the queries without any human intervention

3With skills based routing, Intelligently Route WhatsApp chats to your best agents according to the customer’s profile or service requirements, just like in a call center

4Customer profile, Interaction history and useful data from 3rd party systems like your CRM, ERP or E-Commerce platforms pops up with every interaction which helps the agents to deliver personalized customer services efficiently

Whatsapp Business - Integrated Helpdesk
Whatsapp Business – Integrated Helpdesk – Intellicon

5Empower your agents to provide end to end Customer Services with our integrated Help Desk and Knowledge base system

6With API Access, send out notifications or template messages to your customers by integrating Intellicon WhatsApp Business API with your own business Application(s).

Whatspp Business - Omni channel

7Engage your audience on our Omni Channel CX Inbox and be available on other digital channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email and SMS as well.

8Monitor and control the Performance and Quality of your Customer Services department with Real Time Dashboards and insightful reports.

Why Intellicon WhatsApp Business Solution?

Whatsapp Business Solution
Whatsapp Business Solution – Intellicon

1Intellicon is a Registered Business Solution Provider of WhatsApp and Facebook

2 – It’s a secure cloud based solution, so you don’t need to worry about investing and maintaining any hardware or software yourself

3 – Intellicon is an award winning made in Pakistan Software

4 – We offer services of International level with local Support and competitive pricing

5 – Intellicon is a One window Omni Channel Contact Center Solution, so you are not only limited to WhatsApp, also effectively communicate with your customers on all other Digital channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Live Chat, Phone and SMS

6 – Intellicon is serving some of the largest and smartest companies of this region like Daraz Group, Zameen.com, Airlift and Orient Industries.

So what are you waiting for, we are just a message away, scan the QR code or send a WhatsApp message to +92 42 32500900 to book a free Demo and see how we can help you deliver a Delightful Customer Experience.

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