“Officially” Communicate With Your Customers On WhatsApp Business

Reach over 2 Billion users worldwide by using Intellicon Whatsapp Business Solution

Deliver a delightful customer experience with Intellicon WhatsApp Business Solution.

Whatsapp Business Solution - Customer Experience - Intellicon

Provide efficient 24/7 Support to your customers with rich text messages, real-time
notifications, and alerts through an intelligent chatbot or live agents.


Bring your own number​

We can help you connect your existing phone number(s) to WhatsApp Business which can be your Mobile Number, UAN, Toll-Free or any other landline number.​

Self-Service Chatbot​

Resolve customer queries 4x faster with Intellicon’s Self-Service Chatbot for WhatsApp and provide 24x7x365 always-on Support and services to your valuable customers in a cost effective way.

Unified CX Panel​

Intellicon Omni-Channel Unified Customer Experience panel is a web based application, which gives you the power to communicate with your customers over WhatsApp as well as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email, SMS, Live Chat, Phone and any other channel of your choice.

Rich Media

Send and receive rich text messages, Images, Locations, Documents (i.e. PDF, Doc), Audios, Videos, Weblinks and Call-to-action buttons for instant reply from your customers.


Expressing Emotions can add value to your conversations and branded stickers can help you create memorable moments between your brand and your users.

Interactive Action Buttons

CTA/Call to Action buttons plays a vital role in making your communication efficient. You can help your users perform specific tasks or add quick replies to the conversation by clicking the button. CTA can simplify the purchase process or ease out customer support.

Intellicon WhatsApp Business solutions offer you a versatile channel for any type of business messaging.

Alerts and Notifications​

Use WhatsApp messaging to reliably send critical messages from account activities to flight updates, booking confirmations, low balances and delivery alerts.​

Resolve issues faster​

Respond to customer queries quickly and automate many types of responses to automatically respond to multiple queries like track shipment, registering a complaint, Checking status of seats etc.

Don’t sacrifice security

Communicate securely with customers over an encrypted and interactive chat channel.


Branded Messages

We can help you become a “Verified Business” to protect your brand identity and make your customers more comfortable by communicating on your verified number.​


Integrate with any Application​

Using our simple API Infrastructure, you can integrate WhatsApp Business Solution with your existing application i.e. CRM, Website, POS, Billing System, Contact Center or Chat etc and send/receive messages instantly.​

IVR to Whatsapp deflection​

Don’t panic your customers by making them wait in the long Call Queues. Intellicon gives you the power to seamlessly shift your conversations to WhatsApp and efficiently engage with them for a better Customer Experience.

Drag & Drop flow builder​

Use our easy to use drag & drop flow builder to design the interaction flow according to your business needs. No programming language to learn, no need to pay for change requests or wait for the developers to implement.

360 Customer Profile

Intellicon gives you the ability to save all customer contacts, see history of customer interactions on all available channels and empowers you to provide personalized always-on support and services to your customers.

Reporting & Dashboard

You can track every interaction and measure the performance of your team by using Intellicon’s one-click insightful and detailed reports and can also get at a glance an idea about your team’s performance by viewing the real-time Dashboard.​

Want to try it out?

Add +92 423 2500 900 to your contact list and send a message saying "HI" over WhatsApp or try scanning the QR code. The rest is easy to follow.


Intellicon provides Omnichannel communication capabilities to deliver delightful customer experience