Voice Message Broadcast

Voice broadcast is a powerful way to conduct personalized communication campaigns with desired customers. It lets you convey dynamic voice messages to specific people based on different demographics and parameters provided by the company.

What is voice Broadcast?

Voice Broadcast is Mass Communication technique that broadcasts telephone messages to thousands of recipients at once. Voice broadcast users contact desired people based of specific contacts like members, subscribers, constituents, employees, customers). It can also be used to make announcements by government in emergencies.

"Conduct Personalized Communication campaigns using the
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Our Enriched Features


Take your customized campaigns to the next level with an integrated text-to-speech capability.

Complete Scheduling

You can define start date and time to schedule your campaigns.

Real Time Reporting

Detailed reports are available for an in-depth analysis, result oriented information

Interactive IVR

Conduct real time interactions with your customers through our customized IVR System.

Voice Mail Detection

Intelligent voice broadcast system can detect if there’s any voice mail deployed.

Phone Surveys

Intelligent voice broadcast systems can be utilized to collect specific information as well.

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