enhancing communication between a business and its customers.

Video Chat

Integrating Video channel in Omni Channel Contact Center Solutions can be crucial for providing enriched customer service experiences and enhancing communication between a business and its customers. Intellicon offers a comprehensive feature set of Video Contact Center for your Digital CX.

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Uses and Features

Increased Adoption

According to a report by Aragon Research, by the end of 2021, 50% of enterprises were predicted to leverage video-based communications for customer interactions.


Enterprises were Predicted

to leverage video-based communications

Benefits of Video

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Personalized and immediate resolutions lead to higher customer satisfaction levels.

Increased Sales Conversion

Demonstrations and consultations via video can be more persuasive and can lead to higher conversion rates.

Reduced Costs

Efficient resolutions and the ability to handle multiple interactions can reduce operational costs.

Enhanced Brand Image

Offering advanced and diverse communication channels can enhance the perceived value and modernity of a brand.

Industry Statistics

Impact on Customer Satisfaction

As per a study by Oracle, 68% of businesses have claimed that video calling has had a significant impact on increased customer satisfaction and issue resolution.

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Video Calling has a Significant Impact

Industries and Use Cases


Telehealth consultations and remote patient monitoring and consultation. A doctor can consult patients via video calls, making healthcare more accessible, and reducing the need for physical visits.

Banking and Finance

Personalized financial advisory, resolving customer queries regarding transactions, and remote KYC processes. Bankers can use video calls to provide more detailed and personalized advice regarding financial products and services, enhancing customer understanding and satisfaction.


Tutoring, academic consultations, and parent-teacher meetings. Teachers can interact with students or parents in real-time, facilitating better understanding and communication.

Real Estate

Virtual property viewings and consultations. Agents can showcase properties through video tours, providing a more immersive view to potential buyers.


Product demonstrations, customer inquiries, and personalized shopping experiences.

Travel and Hospitality

Resolving queries, providing travel information, and virtual hotel tours.

leading to enhanced customer
satisfaction and loyalty.

Incorporating video channels with Intellicon omni-channel contact center solution is not just a trend but a necessity in today’s evolving business landscape. It caters to the growing preference for visual and real-time interactions among customers and enables businesses to deliver more efficient and personalized services, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.