Contact Center Solution
for Travel and Tourism

Travel & tourism industry customers expect top-notch customer support & customized services. Companies invest a significant amount of resources to the customers to offer great customer experience.

How Intellicon Enhance Travel and Tourism

Contact centers like Intellicon enhance the process of service and support with Omni channel integration,
intelligent routing, intelligent dialing, comprehensive agent panel and customized IVR builder.
These set of features, allow a travel and tourism company to offer exceptional and uninterrupted support to customers

Booking Scheduling

Manage customer bookings and schedule appointments for enhanced customer experiences with Intellicon.

Reports and Analytics

Intellicon provides insightful representation of data very easy and comprehensive through reports and analytics.

Intellicon ticketing system allows support teams to simplify customer interactions with in a single ticket.

Seamless Operations

 Real time response, across channel customer support, travel consulting services, reservations and appointments.

Handle Peak
Call Volumes

You can easily handle higher volume of calls with Intellicon’s intelligent queue management and intelligent routing.

omnichannel - travel and tourism

Resolve customer queries through every customer touch point.

Enhance your Business Process
with Omnichannel Contact Center.