Sales Automation

Intellicon is an integrated contact center automation system that helps you do all of the basic and advance customer sales tasks, It helps you to connect through multiple channels like (Phone, SMS, Email, Chat, Social Media etc.)

Sales Automation

What is Sales Automation?

Sales Automation is a comprehensive way to enhance sales agent’s productivity, increases sales rate and boosts revenue growth. Organizations today are now investing most of their resources in customer acquisition and in sales department.

"50% of sales teams reported improved sales results and
team productivity with an automated sale system."

Our Enriched Features

Omni Channel Engagement

Engage with your customers on the channel of their choice, like SMS, Call, Live chat & Social Media

Quality Assurance

Keep an eye on all of your communications, conduct QA sessions to enhance customer experience.

Smart Routing

Automatically route all the communications to the concerned CX agent to increase user efficiency & productivity.

Customer Interaction History

Enhance customer service experience with customer Interaction history.

CTI Integration

Integrate any 3rd party Customer Database to deliver a highly personalized experience.

Customer Profile

Get complete insights of your customers to cater them with personalized features & support.

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