Elevate Your Customer Interactions with Intellicon

Omni Channel

Intellicon – your trusted partner in reshaping customer interactions with state-of-the-art CCaaS  Omni Channel Solution, enabling seamless communication on channel of your choice.

Omni channel Contact Center Solution

Omni Channel Standout Features

Out innovative Omni Channel solution empowers your business to interact with customers effortlessly and cohesively, ensuring every communication is consistent, personalized, and efficient, maximizing your customer experience and ROI.

Unified Communications

Interact with your customers through a single, integrated platform, regardless of the channel they use, offering a true One Window Solution.

Customer Engagement

Engage your customers effectively across multiple platforms, ensuring their needs are met with promptness and precision.

Real-Time Analytics

Access comprehensive insights and analytics, optimizing your strategies and ensuring enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.

User-Friendly Interface

Navigate through our intuitive interface with ease, focusing more on engaging your customers and less on managing the software.

Scalable Solutions

Adapt and grow with solutions tailored to your evolving business needs, irrespective of the industry and business size.

Engage & Transform with Intellicon!

Discover a solution where every interaction becomes an opportunity

 to delight your customers! Let’s together create unparalleled customer experiences!

Omni-Channel Communication

Unified CX

Allows customers to engage with your business through various channels while maintaining a seamless and consistent experience.

Integrated Channels

Unifies various communication channels like voice, email, chat, and social media, enabling smooth interaction with customers.

Customer Journey Mapping

Visualizes customer interactions across different touchpoints, helping in understanding customer behaviors and preferences.

Data Integration

Integrates customer data from different channels, providing a unified view of customer information.

What our Clients say about us?

Intellicon is a great product by Contegris. It has helped us in making our work easy at zameen.com. A very complex integration was easily done with our in-house developed CRM application.

Adeel S. Alvi Zameen.com

We are incredibly pleased with our partner's exceptional customer experience solutions, seamlessly enhancing interactions across diverse channels including calls, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and email.

Fawad Rasul Cambridge Garments

Intellicon enabled us to effectively gauge the performance of our agents, providing valuable insights of the complaints & requests of the customers that have meaningly improved productivity across the board.

Umair Ahmed Keenu

Our search for a versatile Contact Center Solution ended up with Intellicon by Contegris. The deployment process was very easy and smooth. I must say that the support team has guided us in every step of the way.

Nouman Talat Orient Group

To succeed as a Tech Startup, we needed a reliable contact center solution for Shahi Sawari. Intellicon gave us all the required features and capabilities to effectively communicate with our customers.

Junaid Mir Shahi Sawari

We are overjoyed with our partner's extraordinary mastery in crafting unforgettable customer experiences, effortlessly amplifying interactions across a multitude of channels – calls, Facebook, Instagram and email encounters.

Ayesha Amjad NDURE

One of the major reason to choose intellicon is their understanding of our business dynamics & their flexibility to deploy new features and services to our requirement.

Waquas Imam Daraz

We are happy to partner with contegris for our contact center solution. They have a feature rich flexible contact center platform, innovative approach, have got good experience in the market and a pragmatic roadmap which suites our strategy.

Nuvin Jatala Finca Microfinance Bank

Comparative Overview

The selection of the right omni-channel solution depends on the unique requirements and preferences of a business, and it’s crucial to consider factors like integration capabilities, user experience, scalability, and support while making a choice. Intellicon is a one-window solution for all these! Enriched with the right features and integrations, for businesses aspiring to optimize their customer service strategy and stay competitive.