Intellidesk is a comprehensive helpdesk automation system, and it provides a unified interface to manage helpdesk operations. It is designed to provide support agents a single, intuitive and dynamic interface. It makes the support process easier, faster and productive than ever before.

HelpDesk Automation

HelpDesk System

In modern support automation systems customers and agents are provided with high quality to perform generic tasks. Help desk automation systems allow support teams accomplish more without sacrificing productivity.

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Our Enriched Features

Ticket Creation

Tickets can be created manually through web based form or automatically through integrated channels.

Task Management

Create tasks and assign it to a team or an individual team member.


Create tickets & communicate on all channels i.e. Email, SMS, Phone and Social Media

Insightful Reporting

Comprehensive reporting system to help you monitor, analyze and enhance your customer engagement using our comprehensive helpdesk automation system. Use reports to analyze customer support performance.

ETTR & SLA Management

ETTR can be assigned with a ticket, which can help the assignee prioritize the tasks in hand.

Complaint Management

A comprehensive way to log, prioritize and manage complaints.

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