Complaint Management System

Intellicon’s Complaint Management System has all the right tools to help you take unprecedented control of the system operations. It lets you easily manage tickets, automatically assign tickets based on active and appropriate team members.

complaint management system

What is Complaint Management?

Complaint management is a process of taking customer concerns, allocation of the concerns to the appropriate persons and resolving the issues with utmost precision, certainty and swiftness.

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Our Enriched Features

Omni Channel Support

Engage with your customers on the channel of their choice, like SMS, phone call, live chat.

Customer Experience - Complaint Management System - Intellicon

Customer Experience

Higher response rate, accurate complaint resolution & less amount of churn results in great customer experience.

Customizable Process Flow

Custom process flow builder gives you the ability to define your own Process Flows to handle each type of complaint.

Reporting & Analytics

Every ticket has a detailed activity log which can be used to do historical analysis if required.

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Status Management

Complete way to manage examine area of complaints & escalate tickets to the appropriate individuals.

Customer Profile - intellicon

Customer Profile

Customer profile can be created along with multiple contact numbers & customized data fields which can be used to satisfy any type of business requirements.

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