Cloud Contact
Center Solution

The hunt for the right product that includes all the necessary features is a laborious process. Intellicon is an award winning contact center solution that has all the tools you need to accomplish what your customers require.

what is Cloud
Contact Center?

A Cloud Based Contact Center is a central command center in any enterprise, hosted on an internet server, from which all inbound and outbound customer communications are handled. Cloud Based Contact Centers are responsible for interactions in between different media channels from virtually anywhere.

"Cloud systems are easily deployable and most particularly cloud based
are much more economical than other traditional systems."

Our Enriched Features

Click To Call

Agents can now automatically dial customer numbers with just a single click instead of manual dialing.

Unified Agent Panel

Agents can serve consumers with the best of their capabilities. This enhances the customer satisfaction & overall experience with the company.

Cross Platform Integration

Cross platform integration capabilities enable contact centers to accumulate all the right tools to manage customer oriented tasks through unified interface.

Intelligent Routing

Customers interactions are navigated towards the agents having appropriate skills and experience to resolve complaints faster.

OmniChannel Interaction

Manage customer interactions through multiple channels and offer customized experience throughout customer interaction lifecycle.


Enable real time communication in software based dialer to offer voice communication between support agents and call server.

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