Boost Your Sales Revenue: Intellicon Sales Lead Management Solutions!

Tap into unparalleled customer engagement with a definitive omnichannel contact center platform. Intellicon bridges the gap between multiple communication avenues, ensuring that your customer connection remains constant and strong. This State-of-the-art Sales CRM is a game-changer in lead management and sales process automation.

Boost Your Sales

A Deep Dive into Sales CRM Features

Omni-Channel Lead Capturing

Omni-Channel Lead Capturing

Seamlessly capture leads from diverse platforms such as Facebook, Facebook Ad Campaigns, Instagram, WhatsApp, SMS, Email, Web Chat and Website forms and input leads manually via our Web portal or Mobile App.

Automated Lead Assignment

Tailor your strategy with options like product preference, or lead winning score, ensuring optimal matches and saying goodbye to missed leads as Intellicon’s advanced system guarantees timely and accurate assignments.

Automated Lead Assignment
Advanced Sales Tools​

Advanced Sales Tools

With Sales Dashboards, and sophisticated tools for Sales Revenue Targeting, you can monitor both effort and result scores with ease.

Campaign Management Tool

Integrated Campaign Management tool designed for WhatsApp, SMS, and Calls, turn these channels into powerful avenues for outbound lead generation.

Campaign Management Tool
Boost Security & Unlock Benefits

Consolidate Leads Data

With Intellicon, all your leads aggregate in one place, ensuring no potential customer goes unnoticed.

Engage Customers

Unlock a proactive sales approach by reaching out to potential customers, thereby boosting your sales funnel.

Streamlined Sales Processes

Say goodbye to chaotic lead distribution and watch your conversion rates soar with streamlined, strategic assignments.

Optimize Sales

Stay atop your sales performance with real-time insights and analytics, ensuring targets are met, and strategies are effective.

A Comprehensive Sales Solution

Intellicon combines the power of advanced CRM with an omni channel communication platform. It’s not just a software—it’s a comprehensive solution tailored to amplify your customer engagement and streamline your sales processes. Drive growth, build lasting relationships, and ensure that every customer touchpoint is a memorable one.