Ride Hailing
Contact Center Solution

Build, strengthen and retain passenger driver relations with a complete omnichannel contact center. Because any communication gap can lead to customer loss. With uberization in the industry, people expect more from service providers, so to keep up with their expectations and serve them throughout the digital realm implementation of a customer-oriented contact center solution is imperative.

How Intellicon can Ease
Ride Hailing Business Operations

Intellicon is designed to help ride-hailing service providers to streamline communication process between
passengers and drivers. A comprehensive contact center in place can ease both passengers & driver’s life.

anonymous calling
Number Masking

Utilizing an intelligent contact center like Intellicon provides a systematic way to keep numbers
and other sensitive information private for both passengers and drivers.

Smart Routing

Real time intelligent routing, allows you to handle customer interactions and manage
complaints in real time.

White/Black Listing

Block or allow preferred services for specific users. Spammers can be blocked.

omnichannel - travel and tourism
Omnichannel Integration

Integrate Intellicon with traffic control agencies to display roadside safety & assistive information for travelers especially in case of natural disasters, outages, and other emergency situations.

Revenue Growth

With interactive and easier communication system, ride sharing service providers can easily manage contacts and make interactions more delightful. 

Customer Support
Emergency Reporting

Implement emergency reporting lines to help people report emergency issues quickly.
Passengers may need to report a suspicion and drivers too.

Intellicon provides Omnichannel communication capabilities to deliver delightful customer experience