do more in less amount of resources

Real Estate

Intellicon contact center solution helps you extend your business operations so you can do more in less amount of resources. Be in contact with your clients and offer quick, accurate and efficient response to clients without any hassle.

"Deliver loveable Customer Experience using the refined capabilities of Intellicon Contact Center Software."

Easy Integration

Intellicon is designed to provide you easier and faster integration process with your existing CRMs.

Reduced total cost of owneship

Easily integrate your contact centers with other platforms to increase average response time of customer support teams.

Real-Time Monitoring

Unified interface displays all the necessary information required to control & monitor your business operations in real-time.

Uninterrupted Business Operations

The durable and flexible features of Intellicon enable your agents to provide uninterrupted services.

How intellicon can help Real Estate Industry

Contact with customers is an especially important aspect of real estate – the most important, in fact. To have the edge over competitors, the quality of customer service is key. (Dummy Text)

Optimized Agent Productivity

Intellicon provides your support teams an ability to serve multiple customers across different channels simultaneously, providing them ability to serve more customers. Ultimately, optimizing your customer experience.

Omni channel Engagement

Serve customers across multiple customer touch points including web, chat, SMS, email and social media and enhance customer experience without any restrictions.

Build and Retain long-lasting relationship with customers for cross-channel experience.​