Redefining Quality Assurance with Intellicon

Quality Assurance

A strategic tool that propels call center excellence and profitability. Intellicon's advanced Quality Assurance module helps Call Center Managers to meticulously monitor quality and boost performance.

Elevated Standards with Intelligent Tool

Intellicon’s Quality Assurance empowers call centers to uphold the highest service standards, ensuring each customer interaction is conducted efficiently, effectively, and to the utmost satisfaction of the customer. Boost customer loyalty and your contact center profitability with excellent support.

Intellicon Ensure Quality with

Advanced Call Monitoring

Listen to live calls unobtrusively, ensuring service quality and identifying areas for improvement, thereby enhancing overall call center performance.

Comprehensive Reporting

Obtain detailed insights with intuitive reports and analytics, enabling informed decision-making and strategic optimization of operational processes.

Performance Management

Evaluate and manage agent performance meticulously, fostering continuous improvement and excellence in customer interactions.

Call Recording & Playback

Access recorded interactions effortlessly, enabling thorough review and analysis of each call, ensuring compliance and quality adherence.

Feedback Management

Gather and manage customer feedback effectively, translating insights into actionable improvements and enhancements.

Customizable Evaluation Forms

Tailor evaluation criteria to your specific needs, ensuring relevant and focused assessment of agent interactions and performance.

Scalable & User-Friendly Interface

Adapt to your evolving needs with ease and navigate through features intuitively, enhancing user experience and operational efficiency.

Discover Excellence with Intellicon

Your journey to unparalleled quality

Redefine your approach to call center quality. Drive operational excellence and superior customer experiences now!

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A New Experience of Advanced Quality Assurance

With real-time monitoring, detailed insights, and customizable evaluations. Ensure compliance, enhance your customer experience, and gain a competitive edge.