How Personalized Customer Experience Can Boost Your Business

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The secret ingredient to boost your business is to focus on enhancing the customer experience.  By monitoring your consumers’ behaviors and by leveraging their needs to improve their procurement journey, you can significantly increase your revenue.

Want to go one step further? Focus on one significant component that will upsurge your sales: Personalization.

According to a survey, almost 96% of marketing professionals consent that their exertions to personalize their consumers’ experience improve their relations with consumers. 

Moreover, 88% of marketing specialists believe there’s a quantifiable enhancement in their businesses after applying consumer personalization strategies. 

Thus, personalizing the consumer experience is a persuasive approach. However, only 33% of companies believe that they’re better equipped to suitably personalize customer experience.

In this article, you’ll discover 3 key benefits of how personalized customer experience can boost your business.

3 Ways Personalized Customer Experience Can Boost Your Business

Here are 3 reasons why you should focus on personalizing your customer experience:

1. Stimulates Impulse Procurements

According to a survey, nearly 49% of consumers have reportedly purchased items they didn’t plan to purchase because of a personalized endorsement from the company they were doing business with.

Such is the power of personalization!

Personalization often allows you the opportunity to upsell. When performed correctly, your consumers can end up buying more from you than they initially planned.

2. Increases Revenue

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Personalizing customer experience results in amplified revenue. Nearly 40% of the customers in the US state that they’ve bought something costlier than they intended to due to personalized service.

Not only that, but personalization also results in rarer returns. According to a survey, merely 5% of impulse procurements were refunded whereas, 85% of impulse purchases were contented with what they purchased.

In a 2017 review by Segment, out of the 1000 customers surveyed, the majority of them were observed to be unconvinced due to the nonexistence of personalization in their spending experiences. Typically, 7% were reported to be frustrated because their experience was not personalized at all. 

Thus, the advantage to offer personalized customer experience becomes clear. Consumers are eager to expend more cash, and your business can succeed if you strive to provide a personalized shopping experience.

3. Improves Brand Loyalty

Personalizing customer experience also yields improved customer loyalty. Nearly 44% of customers report that they are more probable to return to a brand after enjoying a bespoke shopping experience. And, as many as 65% of consumers are probable to shift brands if a business doesn’t endeavor to offer personalized consumer experience.

Key Takeaway

In this article, we covered 3 key benefits of offering personalized customer experience. Personalization allows marketers to offer appropriate information to your prospects and consumers on the basis of their previous buying behavior. 

By personalizing your consumers’ shopping experience, you can not only increase your revenue by stimulating impulse purchases and upselling, but it also helps you improve customers’ loyalty towards your brand. Offering applicable endorsements grounded on the conviction and association you’ve created with your consumers will help you go a long way.

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