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Establishing your Outbound call Center with Intellicon is easy, convenient and Cost Effective. It offers manual as well as automated Calling Capabilities and offers industry standard dialing techniques with cutting edge innovation, i.e. Manual Dialing, Predictive Dialing, Progressive Dialing, Power Dialing, Preview Dialing and API Based Dialing.

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Preview dialer

Intellicon’s Preview dialer is ideal for complex sales environment where preliminary information is required before actually talking to the prospect without sacrificing the CX Agent’s performance.

Progressive dialer

In Progressive Mode, the dialer runs through your calling lists across multiple campaigns at the pace of your operations. The system intelligently dials according to the available agent resources, ensuring an increase in contact rates and a decrease in abandoned call rates.

Bia – Artificial Intelligence Dialer

With Intellicon’s Artificial Intelligence Dialer ‘Bia’, you can automate the message delivery in 47 Voices and 24 different languages by using Amazon Polly Text to Speech service.

Auto retry later

Intellicon’s automated dialer is capable of configuring system behavior according to the business requirements. Call center managers can set the retry attempts and time period between the retry attempts so that you may not annoy your prospect by bombarding them with retry attempts.

Do not call list

DO NOT CALL ME AGAIN requests can be instantly handled by the CX agents which immediately put the numbers in the DNC list and save your reputation.


Is the AI bot of Intellicon which empowers the call center managers to automate complex tasks to be done without human intervention. It has the capability to create a database of pre-defined Voice prompts, make outbound database calls, do voice synthesis through text to speech and can do real-time translation into more than 30 languages.


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