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Outbound Call Center

Intellicon's outbound call center feature empowers businesses to efficiently reach out to customers and prospects, facilitating sales, market research, and appointment setting with its user-friendly tools and automation. 

outbound call center

Insightful Statistic

The global call center software market is projected to reach approximately USD 38 billion by 2025, according to Market Research Future, highlighting the escalating demand for advanced software solutions in outbound call centers.

$ 0 Billion

by 2025

State-of-the-Art Features
of Intellicon Outbound
Call Center Software

Intellicon Outbound Product offers a plethora of features designed to optimize your call center operations and enhance agent productivity.

Predictive Dialer

Uses algorithms to predict agent availability and auto-dials numbers, minimizing idle time and increasing agent talk time.

Progressive dialer

Dials a new number only when an agent is available, ensuring immediate connection and reducing the abandoned call rate

Preview Dialer

Allows agents to view customer information before the call is dialed, enabling them to prepare and personalize the conversation.

Power Dialer

Dials multiple numbers simultaneously, connecting agents to the first available customer and maximizing the number of connected calls

Importing Leads

Easily upload leads through Excel, CSV, or direct API integrations, streamlining the process of lead management.

Direct Integration through API

Seamlessly integrates with CRM and other third-party systems, providing real-time access to critical customer information

Enlightening Statistic

A study by Dimension Data reveals that 83% of organizations regard customer experience as a crucial differentiator. The integration of sophisticated dialers and lead management tools is pivotal in delivering exceptional customer interactions.


Regard customer experience

as a crucial differentiator

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Outbound Call Center Features & Capabilities