7 omnichannel contact center capabilities for business continuity


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Are you worried about your call center that lacks on-time customer support during the pandemic, or lack of inventory visibility and unreliable order fulfillment is your worst nightmare these days? To cater to these business challenges, it is crucial to adopt RPA tools and an omnichannel strategy. 

Omnichannel is a unified communication platform that enables you to communicate seamlessly on multiple channels. In contrast, RPA is a technology application that is governed by structured inputs. Using RPA software, a company can configure a robot to process transactions, triggering responses and communication with multiple digital systems. 

You can use Omnichannel and RPA to automate your business processes more efficiently. Omnichannel delivers a consistent and personalized experience using different digital channels like social media. According to IDC’s future scape, more than 50% of the retailers will adopt omnichannel by 2023. Many businesses are currently using omnichannel and RPA to reduce cost and optimize the workforce.

If you consider omnichannel solutions for your business, the following capabilities will make you realize their importance. 

1- Robotic process automation (RPA)

Organizations today have started to work aggressively to achieve business process automation. As a result, they tend to provide cutting-edge customer experiences. To provide a seamless customer support experience, the organizations need to leverage multiple automation technologies, and RPA is one of them. RPA software works as the new technological salvation for enterprises by increasing their efficiency and productivity. In addition, it can further stimulate the digital growth of your company by enabling enterprises to control end-to-end business processes. 

The benefits of RPA for your business are countless. It has led to notable and positive effects on business productivity. It has been adopted by several industries like banking, insurance, retail, and other financial services and started achieving results already. The best thing about RPA is that it mimics human interaction and provides the best user-interface interaction. Besides that, it is suitable for efficient process execution and high volume data handling. So, no matter what kind of business you do, RPA tools are a must. 

2- Integrated Applications

Right integration between the different channels of the omnichannel platform is critical. When new service channels pop up, they should be integrated within the environment to ensure that they work together to provide an extraordinary customer experience without any business downtime. According to one survey, almost 70% of the customers use messaging apps to contact their customer services. It depicts that integrating such apps into the omnichannel platform is crucial.

These integrations are recommended as they enable faster communications. Your customer will be a lot happier to get a timely reply to their issue. Integration also helps omnichannel contact centers to leverage the data of other applications like ERP and CRM. All the agents will have easy access to customers, stocks, pricing, and much more at a single platform to easily help customers. 

3- Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Enterprises that used Artificial intelligence for their customer engagement successfully achieved increased ROI and less cost than enterprises who don’t use AI. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the future of any business. Another study shows that interaction AI with omnichannel can improve customer rating by 104%.  Besides that, it also plays an important role in the sales automation process. 

You can use AI-powered automation, chatbots, and voice agents to interact with customers, and it will help you drive more meaningful conversations. It can work along with your customers to improve their overall performance to improve customer services and CSAT. Real-time chat will help your website visitors stay connected to your brand and get the solution to their queries immediately. Your conversion rate will increase and helps you stay ahead of your market competition.. AI plays a vital role in helping omnichannel contact centers to maintain business continuity. For instance, AI-based virtual agents can work 24/7 when humans are not available. 

4- Cloud Architecture

According to the Gartner report, 35% of the customer support workforce will be working from home by 2023. After the COVID-19 pandemic, many omnichannel contact centers have added the virtual/remote component to their workforce. It includes everything from AI-based chatbots and human support agents that will work from home. This is where you need a comprehensive omnichannel contact center based on a scalable cloud-based architecture. 

Cloud technology provides several perks like increased uptime, data backup and security, reduced cost, quick deployment, specialized support and much more.  All the elements of contact center omnichannel infrastructure can be unified in the cloud. It can be Chat, Emails, Social Media and messaging applications like WhatsApp, Line, Telegram etc.

5- Intelligent Routing

An omnichannel contact center should be well prepared to answer the customers where they want and quickly route interactions to the right team or agent. It is important to link customer data from different sources according to the context and make it available to the Agent for a better Customer Experience. For example, redirecting the support queries to the Chatbot hooked with a Knowledgebase and linking the complex issues with human agents quickly.

Intelligent omnichannel routing offers a quick solution to your complex customer issues without making them wait. You don’t have to pass your customers to multiple departments and ultimately it will advantage your company with more potential and loyal customers. In addition, intelligent routing will help you out with your food delivery, emergency response, and e-commerce business. 

6- Social listening

Social media is the need of the hour and the best communication channel. Omni Channels services should improve the ability to respond and identify direct mentions and other posts across different social media platforms. It will help to address customer requirements, issues and meanwhile contribute to protecting branding image. 

You will be amazed to know that 50% of people get updates about trends and news on social media. So, you can make your customer’s lives easier by replying directly on their desired platform. Social listening allows the contact center to keep an eagle eye on social media posts, mentions, etc., and reply ASAP. Moreover, you can know what your customer feels about your brand. You need social listening if you are into selling business. 

7- Monitoring and Reporting

Supervisors should get to know about their team performance with centralized reporting across the different digital channels. It should be filtered and prioritized according to time, channels, etc. Omnichannel reporting can be incorporated with intelligent dashboards that show daily trends and the performance of the people to get efficient results. 

Omnichannel service interactions can be easy if they follow their customer interactions on multiple channels to collect data. It includes their contact details, customer interest, complete interaction, buying history, or anything that can help your business grow. No matter what business you are into, you need monitoring and reporting to overcome different business challenges. 


The seven Omnichannel contact center capabilities discussed above can empower the contact center and organizations to maintain business continuity in a post-COVID situation. So, we can say that it is completely worth investing in these capabilities. To get the digital omnichannel customer engagement services, you can completely rely on Intellicon as we offer a unified communication platform to communicate seamlessly across multiple channels. It is crafted to deliver help desk automation, omnichannel, Intelligent IVR, Reporting and dashboard, form builder, and 3rd party integrations. All these features will help you care for your customers even in these post-COVID times.

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