Multinet Pakistan is one of the largest Telecom operators of Pakistan, having more than 12,000 Kms of Optical fiber network and covering 120 cities of Pakistan. Multinet employs around 1,000 people and provides Internet, Data Connectivity, IP Telephony, Data Center, Co-Location and other value-added Connectivity Solutions & services.

Before implementing Intellicon, Mutlinet was using another Call Center Solution and had the following challenges :

Intellicon allows, Multinet to integrate their CRM and Network Monitoring system with Intellicon. This ability lets them create deeper and more personal relationships with their customers. With Intellicon’s web-based unified agent panel, Multinet no longer has to suffer compatibility problems due to separate windows licenses. Now they can deliver efficient and more customer-centric experience by having access to all the required customer information on unified agent panel.

Intellicon has helped the Multinet team to analyze agent performance with over 20 different types of reports. Their goal of higher agent productivity is now easier to achieve than ever before. They have noticed over 50% increase in their agents’

Unlike before, Multinet has integrated their NMS with Intellicon so now they can send link notifications through automated calls using text to speech and customers are prompted for acknowledgment on the same call. If the call is not attended details are sent via SMS. Through this process automation, they have noticed a 35% increase in customer satisfaction.


  • Increase in service levels
  • Higher lever of customer satisfaction
  • Higher agent productivity
  • Cost effective services and IT infrastructure
  • Reduction in Human Resource Demand


  • Lower SLA levels
  • Unable to quick servicing
  • No process automation
  • No way to measure and analyze data
  • Increased cost of infrastructure


More than 100 companies across the globe rely on Intellicon to transform their customer experience.