How to Streamline your Support and Sales with an Intelligent Live Chat Solution

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Do you know that an intelligent live chat solution can help you attract more leads and upsurge sales? In this blog, you’ll find out how to automate your customer service and improve your bottom line via intelligent live chat software.

According to a recent report by Brizfeel, out of the 30,000 customers aged between 18 and 65 surveyed globally, nearly one-fourth of them shopped online at least once a week. Almost 44% of these shoppers believe that one of the most imperative features a website can offer is to have a live person respond to their query while they’re purchasing online.

Another survey revealed that a whopping 63% of customers who used a live chat solution most probably return to the website whereas 62% of them are more probable to repurchase from the website. Around 38% of consumers also stated that they made the acquisition because of the live chat session. 

Therefore, an intelligent live chat solution can not only enhance your consumer experience, but it can increase sales as well

3 Ways an Intelligent Live Chat Solution can enhance your Customer Support and Sales 

An intelligent live chat solution is more than just software for customer support. It can help your business upsurge sales volumes via a number of live chat sales methods that empower you to consolidate and increase your sales. 

Here’s how using an intelligent live chat solution can help you streamline your customer service and sales:

1. Real-time Interaction

The ubiquity of modern technology has made customers impatient. They wish to seek answers to their queries instantly when surfing your website. How soon you respond to their queries plays a significant role in maintaining your consumers’ endurance and developing their conviction for your company. 

An intelligent live chat solution empowers you with tools you need to offer a real-time response to your consumers. It reduces the wait times and fosters consumer engagement and fruitful discussion to develop an association with your consumers.

2. Curtails Sales Funnel

Unlike phone calls, video chats and emails, an intelligent live chat solution shortens the sales funnel by reducing the response time. To engage a customer, you can instantly offer an automated demonstration on your site or launch an instructive video in real-time. This facilitates your sales agent to instantaneously follow up which decreases bounce rates, reduces drop-offs, and closes sales quickly.

3. Upsurge Conversions

Did you know that nearly 77% of buyers never purchase from a site that doesn’t offer a live chat session? 

According to a report, there’s a 10% upsurge in order worth from the sales of consumers who interacted via live chat before buying from a website.

Thus, an intelligent live chat solution increases sales by enlightening consumers and offering them the precise information they require while buying a product/service in real-time. Moreover, it also helps by unswervingly offering superior customer service which bounds consumers to return to your website as your company becomes a more dependable alternative in comparison with your opponents.

Key Takeaway

In this blog, we discussed how an intelligent live chat solution can help you attract more customers and upsurge sales. The main cause behind these assistances is offering instantaneous response to your consumers during their purchasing voyage. A live chat session can help you make or break a deal.

As live chat occurs in real-time, it streamlines customer engagement and lets you easily seize leads from your discussions. It also unlocks prospects for upselling merchandises by endorsing the right item to the right consumer. 

To enhance and systematize this procedure, selecting a help desk software with forceful live chat solutions is indispensable. And, with our IntelliDesk software, you can automate all your help desk processes and improve customer support efficiency with a few clicks.

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