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Intelligent Automated Contact Distirbution

Intellicon’s Intelligent Automated Contact Distribution (IACD) system routes every interaction to the right Customer Experience Champ (agent) at the right time and automatically display Customer’s information and contact history on the agent’s panel so they can resolve the issue quickly rather than switching between interfaces for basic information. Intellicon’s Intelligent Automatic Contact Distribution ensures that every interaction is connected with the most suitable CX agent available, based on the Skill set, Weightage and Feedback scoring.

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Callers can perform routine functions through Intelligent IVR with Intellicon’s next generation self-service mechanism, freeing up agents to focus on tasks which require natural human intelligence.

Intellicon’s Contact Management help agents to provide personalized customer experience by having the required Customer’s information & history on the Agent Panel, which converts a routine customer service call into a memorable customer journey and helps you win Customer loyalty.

Intellicon’s resourceful 3rd party integration capability empowers the call center managers to Integrate meaningful customer data sources from ERP, CRM, E-commerce platform, Web portals, Ordering & Billing system with the Agent Panel. This in turns empower the agents to provide an impressive customer experience (CX) with extreme ease of use ability.

Intellicon’s Omni-channel capability empowers the businesses to communicate with their customers on the channel of their choice i.e. Phone, SMS, Email, Social Media, inApp Mobile, Live Chat & Website etc. And empowers the CX agents to handle all the interactions from a single Unified Agent Panel

Empowers the call center managers to connect their Social Media Channels like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram with Intellicon. CX agents can provide personalized services on all these channels from the same Unified Agent Panel without having to switch between interfaces empowering the CX Managers to manage all the interactions from a centralized interface.

Is the AI bot of Intellicon which empowers the call center managers to automate complex tasks to be done without human intervention. It has the capability to create a database of pre-defined Voice prompts, make outbound database calls, do voice synthesis through text to speech and can do real-time translation into more than 30 languages.

  • IVR Scheduling – The IVR scheduler is a multilingual automated answering solution of IntelliBot that gathers information and can take actions like booking appointments, taking orders and complaint registration etc according to the preset business logic.

Meaningful data collection from your customers is both an Art and a Science. Intellicon gives you the capability of creating custom Data Collection forms to collect structured data from your customers and present it to the decision makers by following means

  • Insightful reports
  • Integration with your ERP / Project management software
  • Triggered Email
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"To succeed as a Tech Startup, we needed a reliable contact center solution for Shahi Sawari. Intellicon gave us all the required features and capabilities to effectively communicate with our customers. Their team is really helpful and sincerely cares for their customers rather than just being a vendor."
Junaid Mir - Sahisawari
Junaid Mir
CEO Shahisawari

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