Optimize Customer Interaction with Intellicon

Inbound Call Center

Intellicon’s Inbound Call Center Solution is a revolutionary offering designed to empower companies in the customer experience industry, helping them to foster seamless interactions and build lasting relationships with their customers.

Revolutionize Your Customer Service

Utilize Intellicon’s Inbound Call center solution resourceful features to create a world-class inbound call center.

Enhanced Engagement

Deliver enhance customer service with rapid responses through Intellicon's Unified Agent Panel, granting access to all necessary customer tools and information for SLA-compliant interactions.

Intelligent Call Routing

By using Intelligent Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Intellicon ensures every call reaches the right agent, leading to increased customer satisfaction and reduced resolution times.

Real-Time Analytics & Reporting

Optimize decision-making through data-driven insights with Intellicon's Real-time Dashboards and one-click Industry Standard KPI reporting for enhanced customer service strategies.

Quality Assurance (QA)

Our Quality Assurance module simplifies agent quality assurance in your contact center. Managers can review call recordings randomly or based on specific criteria like Caller ID, ACW, date, and time, rate the call all within one interface.


Live Call Monitoring

Supervisors and managers can monitor the calls in 5 different ways by using Intellicon’s Supervisor can monitor live calls in five (5) different ways

  • Barge-in: Supervisor can join the live call and speak to the customer and agent. All three parties can listen and speak to each other
  • Monitor: This is also called spying. Supervisor can silently listen to both parties in the live call without any intimation to the agent or the customer
  • Whisper: Supervisor can listen to both the parties, and can speak to the agent for help
  • Police: Managers can call into the Intellicon system and scan different live conversations randomly
  • Hang-up: Supervisor has the capability to hang-up the call from his/her panel

Call Transfer & Hold

Agents have all the useful call controls in the Unified Agent Panel. 

  • Warm / Attended Transfer
  • Cold / Blind Transfer
  • Transfer to an Application (T-Pin Verification etc)
  • Transfer to an External number

Discover the Benefits of Intellicon

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Enhance your customer relationships with our streamlined and efficient call management.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Optimize your resources and achieve higher levels of productivity and business growth

Strengthen Brand Image

Provide outstanding customer service and build a strong and positive brand reputation in the market.

Intelligent IVR

Callers can perform routine functions through Intelligent IVR with Intellicon’s next generation self-service mechanism, freeing up agents to focus on tasks which require natural human intelligence.

Contact Management

Intellicon’s Contact Management help agents to provide personalized customer experience by having the required Customer’s information & history on the Agent Panel, which converts a routine customer service call into a memorable customer journey and helps you win Customer loyalty.

CTI & 3rd Party Integration

Intellicon’s resourceful 3rd party integration capability empowers the call center managers to Integrate meaningful customer data sources from ERP, CRM, E-commerce platform, Web portals, Ordering & Billing system with the Agent Panel. This in turns empower the agents to provide an impressive customer experience (CX) with extreme ease of use ability.


Intellicon’s Omni-channel capability empowers the businesses to communicate with their customers on the channel of their choice i.e. Phone, SMS, Email, Social Media, inApp Mobile, Live Chat & Website etc. And empowers the CX agents to handle all the interactions from a single Unified Agent Panel


Meaningful data collection from your customers is both an Art and a Science. Intellicon gives you the capability of creating custom Data Collection forms to collect structured data from your customers and present it to the decision makers.


Is the AI bot of Intellicon which empowers the call center managers to automate complex tasks to be done without human intervention. It has the capability to create a database of pre-defined Voice prompts, make outbound database calls, do voice synthesis through text to speech and can do real-time translation into more than 30 languages.

Embrace the future of
customer interaction

Learn how our innovative product can elevate your customer service, optimize your operations, and help you become a leader in the customer experience industry!