8 Essential Features of Inbound Call Center Software

Inbound Call Center Software

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Ideal call centers must be able to build and retain higher standards of customer experience by providing quality support and services.

Quality contact centers are supposed to provide managers and support teams, an ability to collect and visualize data for comprehensive analytics and to properly gauge employee and department performance.

Key features that your Inbound Contact Center software must have: -

Without leveraging the right call center software features, running your inbound call center smoothly can be a cumbersome process. 

Modern businesses serving large customer bases always have complete contact center solutions in place to manage and sustain seamless customer experience.

There is an abundance of contact center solutions in the market. But, what are the traits of a quality contact center solution?

A standard inbound contact center software should be comprehensive, reliable and trustworthy.

A complete contact center software is designed to address all possible customer-centric issues. By implementing standard contact center software in your inbound contact centers. You will surely feel the difference.

Following are some of the must-have features for an ideal contact center software :

1 - Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Implementation of an automatic call distribution system is imperative and should be the first priority for any inbound contact center solution.

ACD allows teams to effectively route callers to the most appropriate agent or department based on pre-defined conditions. ACD is designed to act as a foundation for other major call center software features and functionalities including skill-based routing, call monitoring and call metric acquisition, etc. making it the must-have call center software feature for inbound call centers.

Call Handling Capabilities

An ideal call center software must have the flexibility to be integrated with your existing CRM system, providing all the standard contact center capabilities including: –

2 - Call Control

Customer support agents of your inbound call center must be able to perform generic to advance set of operations and have complete control over support operations including hold, mute, forward, and end incoming phone calls.

3 - Call Recording

Any customer support solution should have the ability to record all calls. In order to manage customer service and control quality parameters.

Call Routing Features

An ideal contact center solution must have the ability to perform generic routing functions on calls like forwarding calls to the appropriate agents based on different factors.

4 - Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Best contact center solutions must have an ability to rout callers to the appropriate department and agent. An IVR system lets businesses to design and update their desired IVR flow without any hassle with flexible IVR builder.

With a flexible drag and drop IVR builder support teams can custom design their desired process workflows according to their own requirements. An IVR is an extremely common and helpful call center software feature.  


5 - Business Hour Management

Prospects and most importantly the customers must be aware of the availability of your support teams. This provides you a softer way to be in touch with customers as much as possible.

Contact Management

Powerful contact management abilities are very important for any inbound contact center software. Being able to keep track of all the queries and interactions coming from all touch points, provide a great way to control. An ideal inbound contact center software should have a contact management capability to provide reliable customer service.

6 - CRM Integration

Whether hosted on cloud or on-Premise, perfect contact center software should be able to integrate your existing CRM system with your call center software.

7 - Interaction History

Customer support agents serve as the real asset for the company, your agents must be able to keep track of all the interactions through all touch points including SMS, web, chat and social media channels.

Performance and Evaluation Tracking

Most importantly, companies must be able to keep track of the services and support they are providing to customers.  An ideal contact center software must have a built-in facility to track and monitor the overall performance of your customer support agents.

8 - Report and Analytics

An ideal contact center software must have the ability to compile and present all the data into a comprehensive and actionable form. The contact center must provide you with essential information and actionable insights such as call duration, a number of calls, abandoned calls and time in queue.

Intellicon is a unified call center software designed to help you provide great customer support. offering call tracking, Drag & Drop IVR, Intelligent Routing system and reports. Interact with customer to offer them high customer experience without any hassle.

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