How To create/manage Queues - Basic Settings

In Intellicon incoming calls are routed to agents through queues. Queues manage agents & calls efficiently based on queue’s strategy & agent’s presence.
Follow steps below to create a queue with basic settings:
  • Click on Queues Tab on the side panel.
  • Click on Add New button to add a new queue.
  • Fill in all the required fields to create a queue:
    • Campaign : Select the appropriate campaign to which you want to assign this queue. This would be the same campaign in which you are going to add this queue.
    • Name: Enter the Unique queue name. There should be no space between two words when selecting a name for queue. (Use small letters e.g. sales or support or quality_assurance)
    • Queue Type: Voice or Chat
    • Call Distribution Strategy: This would decide how calls would be routed to agents based on their presence. Below are different type from which you can select:
      •  ringall: ring all available channels until one answers.
      • roundrobin: take turns ringing each available interface.
      • leastrecent: ring interface which was least recently called by this queue.
      • fewestcalls: ring the one with fewest completed calls from this queue
      • random: ring random interface.
      • rrmemory: round robin with memory, remember where we left off last ring pass.
      • linear: Rings interfaces in the order they are listed in the configuration file. Dynamic members will be rung in the order in which they were added.
      • wrandom: Rings a random interface, but uses the agent’s penalty as a weight.
    •  Music on Hold : Select the MOH which you want to play which caller will hear while they are waiting to get connected with agents.
    • Music on Hold for Agent : Select the MOH which you wanted to play when caller is connected with agent & agent have to put caller on hold.
  •  Add the description if you need to add it & then click on Save Queue button to save it.
After you have created a queue, next step is you can assign agents to this queue & use this queue in your campaign.
Note: You can follow this video for advanced settings of queue which handles other features on queues.
Below video can help you with its configuration: