How to Create/Update an Agent - Intellicon

This tutorial will help you how to create an Agent on Intellicon & what settings you have to do while creating them. In Intellicon if a user wants to handle incoming/outgoing call then we need to create an agent for it. You can create multiple users with unique username & email addresses but license will only be consumed when agent is logged in.
Follow the steps below to create an Agent.
  • Click on Agents tab on side panel
  • Click on Add New button to create new agent.
  •  Fill in all the required fields as per your need what type of agent you are looking to create, below are the fields with their explanation:
    • Username : That should be a unique value but it could be any value but we mostly use agent first & last name in here.
    • First Name : First Name of agent
    • Last Name: Last Name of agent
    • Email : Email of agent which should be a unique email in system & agent will use the same email to login on the system.
    • Password: Enter the password (Should be strong password).
    • Confirm Password: Enter the password again. (You can assign a temp password as when agent logins for the first time it will prompt them to update their password)
    •  Change Avatar: Upload the picture of agent.
    •  SIP Type: In here you can select the SIP type of agents, Intellicon has two types:
      •  SIP: You need to use a separate SIP phone that could be a desk phone or softphone on agent’s laptop.
      • WebRTC GW: With this type, agent can login on the Web browser to handle their calls, we don’t need a separate phone for this. (We always recommend this type to use)
    •  Auto Answer: Using this feature we can enable Auto Answer for incoming calls. This feature is only support on WebRTC/Web phone.
    •  Click To Call Dialing: If you have multiple connections (VPN or anyother)  then you need to enable this to avoid delays in outbound calling. (Contact Support if you have any questions regarding this). Keep this value set to NO.
    •  Shift : You can assign shifts to agents which will handle their stats & also manage Auto Log off status.
    • Auto Log Off: In here we can set if we want to logout agent after their shift ends to save our license.
    • Status: Using this you can manage if this agent can login to portal. You can’t delete agents if they have been making calls through the portal but you can de-activate them if you need to.

Below video can help you with its configuration: