How to create/manage admins/supervisors & assign permissions

This tutorial will help you how you can create a supervisor or admin users on Intellicon. Also you have to assign permissions which agents, queues & campaigns they can manage. For this we have to follow two process, first create a user & then assign permissions.
Follow step below to create a new user/admin/supervisor:
  • Click on Settings > User Management > Users on side panel.
  • Click on Add New button to create a new user.
  • Add all the required filed e.g. First Name, Last Name, username & also assign group to the user.
  • Assigning group will decide what level of permission this user have i.e. its a admin user or a supervisor.
  • Click on Save button to save your settings.

When you have created a user, next process is to assign him permissions which would decide what agents or queues or campaigns this user can monitor through Dashboard. To assign permission follow the steps below:

  • Click on  Settings > User Management > Users on side panel.
  • Click on Actions > Permissions.
  • In this tab you can assign this user Team, Agents, Outbound Agents, Queues, Campaigns, Dialer & Numbers list access
You can also use the same process to update existing user permissions as well.
Note: These settings will also help you to manage how you can maintain supervisors based on shifts & campaigns.
Below is the video for the whole process: