How to manage Shifts of Agents

Intellicon also provides basic shift managements of agents. Agent’s stats are also controlled/managed using the shifts which includes real-time stats on agent panel. We can also use shift management to Auto-logout agents from portal after their shift ends.

First we need to create shifts using the steps below:
  • Go under Settings >  Shifts.
  • Click on Add New button.
  • Enter the Shift Name, Start time & End time.
  • Enter the time if you want to auto logout after their shift ends in Auto Log Off after Minutes Field
Next step is to assign shift to agents which we just created. Follow steps below to assign shifts to agent:
  • Click on Agents tab on side panel.
  • Click on Actions tab next to agent of which you want to assign shift.
  • On agent edit find the field name Shifts, select the shift which you want to assign to agent.
  • Then click on Edit Agent button to save the settings.
Below video can help you with its configuration