How to improve your Customer Services with an Intelligent Help Desk System

Intelligent Help Desk System

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An intelligent help desk system enables companies to track client issues, queries, and complaints. But, did you know it can help improve your customer services?

In this article, discover 4 reasons why you should be using an intelligent help desk system if you wish to enhance your customer services.

What’s an Intelligent Help Desk System?

An intelligent help desk system is a set of software programs intended to help consumer support workforce swiftly receive, process and reply to client inquiries across a range of contact points. It centralizes data from a phone, electronic messages, live chat, and social networks so that your customer service staff and other workers can see the latest information in real time. 

A help desk software can also offer corporate performance monitoring and word-based breakdown of live chat sessions. This way, it improves productivity, saves time and enhances customer service outcomes by reforming workflow and streamlining information.

In a nutshell, an intelligent help desk system transforms a labor-intensive system susceptible to human blunders into an efficient instrument that generates better results for consumers and businesses.

Ways an Intelligent Help Desk System can improve your Customer Services

Suppose a consumer has a question or complaint. How can he/she contact your company? Via phone, email, live chat and/or social networks, right? 

Using an intelligent help desk software empowers your customer support staff to respond to questions and complaints speedily and correctly, irrespective of what network the consumer uses. 

Not sure how a help desk system can help your business? Find out 4 key ways below:

1. Allows Self-service 

An intelligent help desk system is equipped with live chat options and chatbots that allow customers to help themselves. It also provides a knowledgebase with guides to answer FAQs or offer troubleshooting procedures.

By the help of an AI-powered chatbot, your customers can seek answers to the common questions before a consumer support rep needs to intervene. In case a problem is unresolved, a help desk software can connect your consumer directly with the company by creating a ‘ticket’ or opening a file on that consumer.

2. Effective HR deployment 

An intelligent help desk system allows a larger ratio of calls to be answered by forefront support. Using a chatbot frees up your customer support agents which means your proficient support workforce can concentrate on handling new or intricate matters.

It can tag tickets for the consideration of workforce acknowledged to be skillful in a specific matter, and tasks can be arranged for such reasons as the gravity of the problem, consumer value, or interruption in resolution. This way, your human resources can be deployed more effectively.

According to a report, a help desk system allows companies to conserve more than 600 working hours annually, decrease the number of phone calls by 10%, and let a quarter of your help desk resources to be accessible for attention-needing occurrence resolution.

3. Bespoke consumer care across networks

An intelligent help desk system allows customer support agents to get a comprehensive view of consumers’ past communications with service and support across all networks. By connecting your help desk system to a CRM, your support staff can also enjoy a distinct 360-degree interpretation that allows truly personalized consumer support.

In turn, the possibility of consumers to repeat business with your company increases as they enjoy frictionless customer service at a time and via a network that’s expedient to them.

4. Robust performance tracking

An intelligent help desk system records and analyzes the journey of each support ticket which gives a robust source of data to use when endeavoring to enhance consumer service.

For example, your company can effortlessly access dynamic management data such as which representatives are catering to the most calls in an hour, or which goods are creating the most support demands.

Key Takeaway

A help desk software can offer your company with a consumer support solution that scales effortlessly with your business and is adequately flexible to develop with your corporate demands. However, it doesn’t have to include huge operational expenses or take a long time to set up and roll out.

With Contegris, setting up an intelligent help desk system is a matter of minutes. Our IntelliDesk system can be used to systematize your help desk procedures and improve support agent efficiency. From ticket management to KPI and performance tracking, we’ve got you covered. 

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