Contact Center Solution

Streamline your health care business and improve patient health results with
intelligent, trusted & secure contact center solution.

How Intellicon can Enhance Healthcare Industry

Healthcare organizations can utilize Intellicon’s comprehensive and practical contact center solutions
to enhance customer services, reduce cost of operations and transform business and optimize patient health results.

Intelligent Call Routing

Intelligently redirect calls towards appropriate agents to resolve healthcare queries.

Schedule Appointments

Manage and schedule patients appointment for easier & quick diagnoses.

Secure Account Information

Take control your patients information and history to serve them better.

Lower Cost
Lower cost of operations

Cloud based infrastructure enhances efficiency, productivity and possibility to scale up without having to invest on heavy infrastructure.

Patient Engagement

Build long-lasting relationships with patients by providing highly personalized care and dedicated support to patients whenever they require.

Customer interactions through all channels (SMS, Web, E-Mail, Voice & social media are made possible with unified agent panel.

Intellicon provides Omnichannel communication capabilities to deliver delightful customer experience