Connect & serve Consistently with Intellicon Google Business Messaging

With the integration of Google Business Messaging into Intellicon you can engage with customers like never before. Use Google Search and Maps to make an immediate connection, reply, and get your questions answered. Streamlined, real-time communication can boost customer happiness and propel company success.

Key Feature Highlights

Centralized Hub

Consolidate all interactions through Google Business Messages into a unified interface, enabling swift and organized response management.

Automated Responses

Employ pre-set automated replies for commonly received queries, ensuring immediate acknowledgment and enhanced user experience.

Interactive Messaging

Facilitate rich, interactive conversations with users, allowing the sharing of images, videos, and other multimedia, coupled with quick replies & suggestions.

Seamless Escalations

Efficiently escalate conversations to live agents when necessary, ensuring that user inquiries are resolved effectively.

Real-time Analytics

Access insightful data on interaction metrics and user behavior, allowing refinement of engagement strategies.

Context Preservation

Maintain user context and conversation history to offer personalized interactions and resolve inquiries more effectively.

Unlock various Benefits

Increased Customer Engagement

Connect with customers directly through Google Search and Maps, leading to higher engagement rates and more meaningful interactions.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Offer a convenient and familiar platform for customers to reach out, ensuring a seamless and positive experience.

Data-Driven Insights

Leverage advanced analytics to gain insights into customer behavior and preferences, helping to refine your service strategies.

Boosted Conversions

Turn inquiries into sales by providing timely and helpful responses, driving higher conversion rates and business growth.

Improved Response Times

Provide instant responses to customer inquiries, reducing wait times and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Greater Operational Efficiency

Streamline customer interactions by managing all communications through a single, integrated platform.

24/7 Availability

Ensure your business is always reachable with automated responses outside business hours, providing consistent support round the clock.

Brand Consistency

Customize messaging to align with your brand’s voice and style, maintaining a consistent brand image across all customer touchpoints.

What our Clients say about us?

Intellicon is a good software which is fulfilling Customer Service requirements. It is user friendly, easy to operate & has multiple functions. It has brought speed & improved our operations.

Ali Tirmizi Manager Customer Services - Aquafina

We are incredibly pleased with our partner's exceptional customer experience solutions, seamlessly enhancing interactions across diverse channels including calls, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and email.

Fawad Rasul Lead CX - Cambridge Garments

Our search for a versatile Contact Center Solution ended up with Intellicon by Contegris. The deployment process was very easy and smooth. I must say that the support team has guided us in every step of the way.

Nouman Talat Director CX - Orient Group

Intellicon enabled us to effectively gauge the performance of our agents, providing valuable insights of the complaints & requests of the customers that have meaningly improved productivity across the board.

Umair Ahmed Manager Contact Center - Keenu

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