Food Delivery
Contact Center Solution

Food delivery service providers use old school contact centers, but such contact centers
cannot keep pace with ever growing customer expectations.
When numbers grow, the possibility of communication gap arises.
Lack of communication results in bad customer experience.

Food Delivery Contact Center

How Intellicon Can Help Food Delivery Businesses

Intelligent contact center solutions help you keep your customers always satisfied with easier
order bookings, faster food delivery, self service menu and order management system Keeping up with
large base of customers is now easier than ever before with cloud based intelligent contact center solutions.

omnichannel - travel and tourism
Multi-Channel Contact Support

Serving customers on the channel of their choice be it E-mail, Web, Chat, Social
Media, enhance customer experience. Customers are served across different channels of communication. 

Customer Interactions

With Intellicon, each order is automatically directed to the most appropriate idle
agent. Because, any missed interaction can lead to a lost customer. 

Seamless Experience
Easier Feedback Collection

Food delivery businesses, can now proactively track customer feedback even
prior to their own consent. With intelligent contact centers, food delivery
businesses can improve their CSAT and NPS score.

anonymous calling
Anonymous Calling

Customer interactions are protected with anonymous calling features. Anonymous calling allows you to protect with anonymous calling capabilities of Intellicon

Logistics Tracking
Integration With Order Management System

Customers are routed through your internal portal for verification and easier order booking, presenting complete customer profile and order history. All of these features are hosted right with in single user interface.

Scale more on cloud.

Being based on cloud, Intellicon provides businesses an ability to scale up or down to adopt to expand global reach without any financial constraints.

“It is expected by 2030 most meals currently cooked at home are instead ordered online and delivered from either restaurants or central kitchens.”