FINCA Microfinance Bank Partners with Contegris to Implement Intellicon Contact Center Suite

FINCA Microfinance Bank Partners with Contegris to Implement Intellicon Contact Center Suite

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Earlier this year, Contegris and FINCA Microfinance Bank signed a contract to implement Intellicon™ Contact Center Solution  for FINCA Bank’s nationwide Automated Outbound Calling and Survey Operations. 

FINCA is a globally recognized microfinance organization working in 5 continents and in 23 countries. FINCA provides financial services to the world’s lowest-income entrepreneurs so they can create jobs, build assets and improve their standard of living.

Contegris is fast growing Software Technology Company, serving its customer base in Pakistan, Middle East, South East Asia and United States of America. Contegris provides Contact Center, Unified Communication and IT Transformation solutions & services to today’s smart businesses, so that they can focus on their businesses, innovate and create more opportunities in the society.

At the time of signing, Ms. Nuvin Jatala – Head of IT – Finca Microfinance Bank saidNuvin Jatala – Head of IT - Finca Microfinance Bank - Intellicon - TestimonialSpeaking at the ceremony Mr. Eitesam Ahmad Khan – CEO, Contegris addedEitesam Ahmad Khan – CEO, Contegris - Technology Simplified - Finca Testimonial - Intellicon

Intellicon™ has complete Customer Experience solution for Banking and Finance industry, ranging from Omni-Channel Contact Center, Complaint management, Integration with CRM & Core Banking Application, Self Service Banking, Automated Dialing, Credit Collection, Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customized Surveys, Quality Assurance, Integration with (BI) Business Intelligence Platforms, PCI-DSS and Regulatory Compliance with Central Banking policies, its a platform which can be used to cater the requirements of ever empowered digital banking consumers.

Intellicon is serving numerous clients around the globe in multiple verticals, i.e. Banking & FinanceE-Commerce, Fintech, Health-Care, Insurance, Education, SAAS, Telecom, Government, Non-Profit Organizations, FMCG, Electronics, Utility, Emergency Response, Media & Broadcasting, Hospitality, Travel and Tourism

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