Emergency Response Contact Center Solution

Intellicon contact center solution for emergency response can be integrated with any system.
You can offer quick, accurate and efficient response to victims without any hassle.

How Intellicon Helps in Emergency Situations

In emergency situations you need to have an integrated & comprehensive contact center platform
that can help you offer seamless support for victims more particularly in emergency situations.

emergency campaigns
Emergency Campaigns

Take precautionary measures and predefine emergency voice and text messages to broadcast in case of emergency situations with Intellicon.

Secure Account Information
Secure & Responsive

You will not have to leave any call unanswered in all circumstances. 

Agent Productivity
Deploy Anywhere

Intellicon is highly mobile and flexible emergency response contact center platform that can be integrated with any system.

roadside assistance
Roadside Assistance

Integrate Intellicon with Traffic Control Organizations to display roadside safety and assistance information for people traveling in case of natural disasters, outages and other emergency situations.

flood warning

You can inquire and notify people about specific information based on certain different factors such as temporary places to help them relocate etc.

Interactions through all channels (SMS, Web, E-Mail, Voice & social media are made possible with unified agent panel.

Intellicon provides Omnichannel communication capabilities to deliver delightful customer experience