A comprehensive customer communication solution

Email Channel

Acts as a formal and organized mode of communication, particularly important for detailed interactions and official communications. Intellicon offers a comprehensive solution of email management in its omni channel solution.

Benefits: Email Channel x Omni-Channel Contact Center Software

Enhanced Customer Experience

Ensure a seamless and consistent communication experience, allowing customers to choose their preferred channel of interaction.

Increased Productivity

With features like templated responses and threaded conversations, agents can handle interactions more efficiently.

Unified Interaction History

Integration provides a consolidated view of all customer interactions on every channel to understand customer needs and preferences better.

Improved Resolution Times

Advanced features like categorization, tagging, and filtering help in prioritizing and addressing customer queries more effectively, for improved resolution times.

Build Trust

Offering a responsive and organized email interaction strengthens customer trust and satisfaction, fostering long-term relationships.

Better Resource Allocation

Analytical insights derived from integrated email interactions also aid in optimizing resource allocation.

Superior Customer Experience

 By acknowledging the versatility and formality of email, businesses can significantly elevate their customer service standards in the modern, customer-centric environment.