Intelligent Digital Onboarding Solution

Streamline. Verify. Onboard. The first touchpoint of the customer journey sets the tone for future interactions. Intellicon transforms this initiation process, making digital onboarding seamless, efficient, and incredibly user-friendly. Dive into a world where technology and user experience harmoniously converge.


Discover the Pinnacle
of Digital Onboarding

Chatbot Onboarding Assistance

Guides customers through the onboarding process by collecting necessary information, all in real-time.

Business Benefit: Faster and streamlined onboarding reduces operational costs, and the consistent ChatBot interface ensures error-free data collection.

Customer Benefit: A hassle-free, prompt, and interactive onboarding experience.

Integrated API Verification

Validates the collected information by integrating seamlessly with your CRM or Back Office system.

Business Benefit: Minimize manual data entry errors, reduce the need for redundant checks, and speed up the verification process.

Customer Benefit: Speedy verification means quicker access to your services.

Dynamic Data Collection

Requests essential details such as National Identification Number, required documents, and provides guidance through pre-recorded voice or video messages.

Business Benefit:This ensures comprehensive data collection, minimizing the risk of missing vital information.

Customer Benefit: Clear instructions and guidance ensure customers provide information correctly the first time.

AI-Powered Decision Making

Leveraging the power of AI, our system adapts dynamically, making intelligent decisions during the onboarding process.

Business Benefit: Efficiently handle a variety of scenarios without manual intervention, optimizing the onboarding process.

Customer Benefit: A smoother, more personalized onboarding journey.

Live Agent Fallback

Intellicon seamlessly connects customers to live agents, ensuring they receive the required assistance.

Business Benefit: Allocate human resources only where necessary, optimizing workforce productivity.

Customer Benefit: Assurance that help is readily available when needed.

Multi-Channel Onboarding - WhatsApp & LiveChat

Extend the digital onboarding experience across popular platforms like WhatsApp and LiveChat.

Business Benefit: Expand your reach, catering to customers’ preferred communication channels.

Customer Benefit:  Flexibility to onboard using platforms they’re comfortable with.

whatsap and live chat

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Digital Onboarding Process

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