Daraz Group is the largest e-commerce portal owned by Chinese retail & e-commerce giant Alibaba, serving more than 15 million customers monthly across Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar and Srilanka. On average Daraz group conducts ~10,000 calls per day and on peak days the number crosses 30,000+ queries across different channels of communication.

Daraz customer service managers had a clear vision on how to scale within thriving e-commerce sector to get closer to its end users: by improving the experience after product & service purchase. They wanted to centralize communication being conducted through multiple channels sms, web chat, social media and phone) so that it can help drive improvements in their business.

Daraz group is now leveraging Intellicon’s intelligent contact center solution to keep up with their ambitions. Daraz have now seen higher level of agent productivity and easier way to manage customer interactions from within a unified agent panel. A systematic way is now in place to acquire customer satisfaction serveys (CSAT and NPS).

Faster responses and streamlined call center processes, customer satisfaction ratings have enhanced by far. The team’s average benchmark is 85%, and the average is closer to 90%.



  • Seamless collaboration capability
  • Quick customer service
  • Customer support agent productivity
  • Cost-effective services and IT infrastructure.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Increased SLA upto 90%
  • Mass level campaigns across 5 countries.


  • Outdated systems that no longer meet company requirement
  • Increased cost of infrastructure
  • Track and improve call center metrics to improve performance.
  • Lack of Collaboration
  • Unable to service quickly


More than 100 companies across the globe rely on Intellicon to transform their customer experience.