University of Lahore (UOL) is among the few top universities of Pakistan, having more than 36000 students and 2000+ staff, with campuses in 7 major cities in Pakistan, offering 150+ degree programs and teaches 3,000+ courses.They wanted to modernize their communication infrastructure in order to provide great experience to its large student body, faculty and staff.

UOL knew they needed to transform their communication system and provide their customers a great experience. Now, all parties are served with quick and precise manner through every possible channel of communication. Agent Productivity have grown exponentially, agents are serving customers in split-seconds through their Unified Agent Panels (UAPs) ensuring maximum efficiency and high ROI.

Intellicon has made efficient and customer centric experience delivery possible by having access to all the required customer information through a unified agent panel. Now they can analyze agent performance with over 20 different report types. They have been able to achieve 50% higher agent productivity with Intellicon. Moreover, managing huge number of calls and queries over phone, SMS and Facebook is now easier than ever before.


  • Seamless collaboration capability.
  • Quick student service
  • Customer support agent productivity
  • Cost effective services and IT infrastructure.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Increased SLA
  • Increased Agent Productivity


  • Outdated systems that no longer meet company requirement
  • Increased cost of infrastructure
  • Track and improve call center metrics to improve performance.
  • Lack of Collaboration
  • Slower Customer Service


More than 100 companies across the globe rely on Intellicon to transform their customer experience.

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