10 Steps to achieve customer service excellence

10 Steps to achieve customer service excellence

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  • Make your customers feel specialGreet the customer with energetic voice, have a caring and soft tone while talking to them, smile often
  • Be a good listener: Listen to understand not just to reply, speak on your turn
  • Be focused: Turn off all distractions while talking to the customer, keep the end result in mind i.e. to achieve customer satisfaction by solving his or her problem efficiently
  • Know about your field: Don’t pass information which you are not sure about, do your homework first, sharpen your communication skills, increase your vocabulary with impressive words
  • Sincerity: Always try your best to resolve the issue, don’t neglect what you “Can do”
  • Empathy: Always feel the pain of your customer and realize his or her situation, apologize for the inconvenience, they are the reason of your Job
  • Never Argue: Use polite language to correct the customer, like say I am afraid it’s not possible instead of saying a blunt NO
  • Control your temperament: Even if he or she use harsh words, don’t take it personally, try to understand the situation and realize the importance of your job
  • Give respect to earn it back: never humiliate the customer because of lack of his knowledge or personality traits, keep their privacy
  • Honor your commitment: if you commit to call him in 10 mins, make sure that you call him within 9 minutes & you will be trusted

Last but not the least an important tip for decision makers

Customer Care people are very special, they are the face of your organization, treat them the way you want them to treat your customers”

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