Hear Your Customers Loud & Clear and Drive CX Excellence

Just listening to your customers isn't enough. You need to understand them deeply, in real-time, across every interaction. Elevate Your Customer Experience with Real-Time, Multi-Channel Feedback Powered by Intellicon. Your all-in-one platform to capture, analyze, and act on valuable customer feedback, and boost your business results.

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Customer feedback: The track to Customer Success

“Companies that effectively implement feedback see a 33% increase in customer satisfaction.” – Customer Think

Why Intellicon for
Customer Feedback?

After Call Feedback

After Call Feedback feature allows you to capture
real-time insights from your customers immediately
after their interaction. Understand their sentiments
and identify pain points.

Automated IVR Calls

Gather rich feedback through pre-recorded or
dynamic IVR surveys, scaling effortlessly to reach a
wider audience. Let automation take the reins,
allowing your team to focus on what truly matters.

Retail POS Feedback

Capture valuable feedback at the point of purchase
in physical stores, understanding customer
perceptions of products & services. Gain holistic
insights into the customer journey.

WhatsApp & SMS Feedback

Leverage the power of Omnichannel feedback
including Voice, WhatsApp and SMS enhance
engagement, gather insights, and stay connected
with your audience.

Get the Benefits of Seamless Customer Feedback with Intellicon

Amplify Your CX: Industry Statistics

68% of customers say that having their voice heard is the most important aspect of a positive customer experience.” – PwC

Why Choose Intellicon over
the Competition?

Backed by years of experience, Intellicon understands the nuances of customer feedback. We’ve fine-tuned our solutions and ensure that you get the most out of your customer feedback strategy.

Get started with Intellicon’s Customer Feedback solution and  transform your CX to achieve breakthrough results.  Your customers deserve the best – give it to them.