7 Features of Intellicon for a Highly Effective Customer Experience

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Intellicon is a complete contact center solution for Inbound, Outbound and Interactive Communication requirements.The system has been designed by following three basic principles i.e. the system should be Resourceful, Reliable and User Friendly and it is priced on three basic principles i.e. the system should deliver extra value for money, be cost effective and ensure future investment protection.

Here are the 7 features of Intellicon which helps you create a Highly Effective Customer Experience

  • Intelligent Call Handling

    Intellicon’s call handling engine handles each call with intelligence and precision. You can use IVR, Blacklist, White list, Time Conditions, Priority routing for VIP customers to more skilled agents, connect the caller with the right agent resource based on caller feedback, skill set weight-age and last call interaction. You can also automate the frequently asked information delivery through IntelliBot to save time and energy on both ends.

  • Omni Channel and unified agent panel

    Customers are ever empowered in this era of multiple communication channels and want to be able to contact the businesses in an easy and most convenient way. Intellicon enables you to integrate all the major communication channels like Phone, Email, SMS, Live Chat, Skype, Web and Mobile App and handle all the interactions from a single resourceful unified agent panel (UAP), to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

  • Integration with 3rd party applications

    You can integrate Intellicon with your existing CRM, HelpDesk, ERP. Sales Portal or E-Commerce Platform to fetch the relevant data of customer profile or to push the required data in order to make the data synchronization easy and enjoyable.

  • Contact Management and History

    CX Agents have the option to save the contact information via a handy contact management form. Next call will be displayed with caller’s name along with contact history. Being called by your name when you call on a Help Line Number and having all your profile history in front of the CX Agent is a feature which saves a lot of time and effort required in getting to know the customer

  • Help Desk Automation

    Our customers reap the benefit of pre-integrated Help Desk automation module and use it for Automatic & Manual Ticket Creation, Ticket Assignment to specific team or member of that team, execute a pre-programmed SOP according to the complaint type, monitor the SLA and escalate the tickets to the senior team members in order to get it done.

  • Managed services and professional support

    The best value for our customers is our team of experts who are passionate about delivering exceptional support and professional services. We have experts in the field of Telecom, IP Networks and IT Infrastructure which gives us an edge to deliver resourceful end to end solutions and reliable support services.

  • Insightful reporting and Quality Assurance

    A wise saying “You cannot improve what you cannot measure”. Intellicon makes it simple to measure and improve every aspect of your contact center including your Call Center SLA, Agent’s Performance, System Stats and Individual Campaign analysis etc. Be well informed with the Actionable Information on its Real-time system dashboards. Insightful reports are also available for a detailed performance analysis and Quality Assurance purposes.

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