Case Study : How A Retail Fashion Giant Improved Its Customer Care

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Our client is one of the prominent names in the fashion industry with more than 110 outlets nationwide, Multiple brands under one roof, Thousands of articles under each brand name and more than a thousand people to run this business.

Business Requirements

Their management had a customer centric vision i.e.

  • Every customer complaint is an opportunity to show how much we care and improve ourselves.
  • Every customer complaint should be handled in the shortest possible time and escalated to the appropriate level in case of not getting resolved on time.
  • Every customer interaction should be recorded and retrievable by an insightful and result oriented reporting system.

Limitations of their existing system

Their IT and Call Center teams were struggling due to following constraints

  • They did not have any centralized complaint management system.
  • Their call center solution was not that resourceful in terms of Omni-channel capability, Reporting and CTI Integration etc.

How did we help them

As per our ritual, We partnered with them in their scenario, Analyzed their requirements, Discussed their situation and envisioned what best can be done, And then we suggested a simple solution to achieve their goals.

INTELLICON: An Intelligent Contact Center Solution, Which is ideal for inbound, Outbound and blended call center operations. It has resourceful capabilities of Omni-Channel Interaction, CTI and 3rd party Integration, Real-time System Dashboards, Quality Assurance, Flexible System Configurator and many more.

INTELLIDESK: An Intelligent HelpDesk Automation Solution, Which is ideal to automate HelpDesk operations, easily Integrate with Intellicon, Have a powerful process builder for custom process engineering, Definition of multiple organizational teams, Escalation rules and notifications to each stakeholder at every stage, Comprehensive reporting and API functionality.

How we work

  • Analysis: We do an in-depth customer requirement analysis and pay attention to every detail.
  • Educate: Educate the customer about the best solution, Be available for any question, Develop a partnership relation.
  • Deliver: Deliver the right solution with right Planning and right Team.
  • Support: Stand by our commitment of after sales support & services.

Real life results

We use technology to make life better and we strongly advocate that Result is the name of the game, So after implementing the solution we achieved following results.

10 x Satisfying customer experience
Agents greet the registered customers by their Name, Customer’s buying history and their Loyalty card profile ranking is also displayed to the agents, Which helps them in delivering a satisfying customer experience and give due priority to their loyal customers. This happens in result of Intellicon’s Integration with their Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system.

10 x Reductions in complaint resolution time
Their SOPs against each complaint type were implemented in IntelliDesk. All the teams and stakeholders were also brought on board and clear escalation rules were created against each complaint type.
Now every complaint is assigned to its concerned team members who get notified via SMS & Email along with the estimated resolution time.

  • Unresolved complaints get escalated to the next level, Notifications are sent to the owner and the next level resources via Email and SMS and priority of the complaint is updated accordingly.
  • The escalation goes up to the top management in case it’s not resolved at the appropriate level, Which they don’t want to happen. So the complaints which once took unlimited time to resolve are now resolved before getting escalated to the next level.

Multi-channel communication
Agents can send SMS to the customers during the call, Selecting from a predefined template of messages. Automatic SMS are sent on registering a complaint and on status updates. Courtesy thank you messages are sent via SMS after every interaction with the call center which helps in delivering a satisfying customer experience.

You can only improve what you can measure
As all the calls are recorded, Quality Assurance team listens to the calls and rate them, And rated calls are then available for review by the management. Similarly all the complaints are recorded and assigned a unique tracking number, And then Insightful reports are available based on complaint resolution time, Complaint type, Trending complaint and many more parameters.

Customer feedback
Customer can give feedback on every call. CS Manager uses that feedback to identify the problematic calls and take corrective action as soon as she can.

Every complaint is an opportunity to improve
This motivational quote can only be transformed into reality if we have an intelligent reporting system to present authentic and helpful analysis for the decision makers to aid them in making the right and impactful decision.

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