Ensuring business continuity during #COVID-19 Crisis with Intellicon


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“Simplify your business communication, Operate Smartly, Ensure Safety of your team and Deliver Great Customer Experience, with Intellicon. This is what we can do for our customers to fight #COVID-19″

Serving our Customers and Community has always been our top priority and making Life & Business Easy is our mission for the industry.

During this Corona pandemic situation, we as a human race are faced with a crisis and companies around the globe are faced with the challenge of ensuring Business Continuity and ensuring safety for their team whilst remaining productive and cost effective.

This social distancing policy is directly affecting industries like BPO, Banking & Finance, Telecom, Electronics and Home Appliances, Utility Companies, E-Commerce, Logistics, Travel & Tourism and broadly all other service providers who employ specialized resources to provide support to their customers.

How Intellicon is helping our customers?

Our customers are leveraging the power and freedom they get with Intellicon to ensure their Business Continuity whilst keeping their Employees Safe and Deliver Great Customer Experience consistently.

We recommend the following options based on our customer’s requirements and business impact.

  1. Work From home: As Intellicon is a complete web based contact center solution,agents can easily work from home, all they need is a Laptop, a Headgear and 150 Kb/s Internet connection and deliver the same customer service as they are sitting in their own office.
  2. Chatbots and Voicebots: can be made live in short time in order to provide awareness to the general public, answer their frequently asked questions or book their appointments or complaints automatically.
  3. Self-Service & Automation: Intellicon offers a great level of automation, so companies are reducing the manpower requirements by automating the repetitive tasks which can be done without human intervention.
  4. Collaboration: Intellicon provides a complete collaborative environment for remote teams, agents, supervisors and managers can always collaborate with features like Audio Conference, Live Call Engagement and Real-time Live Dashboards to provide better services to their customer.
  5. Overflow Agents: In times of turbulence, when you are working with limited resources features like overflow agents are very useful. Intellicon can engage additional agents during peak hours. Overflow agents can interact by using their mobile phones.
  6. Port to the Cloud: In case of whole city evacuation or lockdown, we can port the onsite Intellicon deployment onto the cloud and connect all the team to the new instance.
  7. Geo Redundancy: In case of disaster, intellicon is available in Geo Redundant mode, to achieve business continuity and disaster recovery against regional outages. This is achieved by replicating the data to other safer regions for maximum availability.
  8. Hosted IVR and awareness helplines: Healthcare practitioners and government organizations are establishing Hosted IVR and HelpLines to offer Telemedicine services and spread awareness in the society.

As a technology partner, we are helping our customers with the best of our abilities, if you need any help in this regard, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation help@contegris.com.

May GOD protect all of us from all such problems and end this Corona crisis soon so that we can resume our normal life and be grateful for all the blessings we have in our life.

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