A trained professional responsible for handling customer inquiries and resolving issues via phone, email, chat or social media. The primary duty revolves around excellent customer service, troubleshooting problems, and escalating complex issues with adequate knowledge. 

Agent Coaching

It refers to training of CSRs to enhance the required skills and knowledge so that they can serve clients better and become able to close more deals. It involves providing training on product knowledge, selling tricks & tips, and customer service skills.

Agent Occupancy

It is the percentage of time that agents spend taking incoming calls against the available time they have. This statistic is used in calculating the productivity of a call center. It measures how staffing is matched to the volume of calls and instant messaging interactions. 

Agent Utilization

It refers to the efficiency of agents with which they manage multiple customer interactions in total working hours. It includes metrics such as occupancy rate, average handling time, idle time, and service level, which improves customer service, productivity, and operational efficiency. 

Auto Dialer

It is a type of predictive dialer that not only automatically dials customer numbers but also provides automated messages or connects to an agent if it is required for telemarketing, sales, or lead generation purposes.

Automatic call distributor

A technology system to manage and distribute incoming calls to the most suitable available agents. It automatically routes calls based on factors such as skill set, location, context and availability reducing hold times, improves agent utilization, eliminates unnecessary call transfers and simultaneously increases first call resolution rates.

Automatic callback

A telephony IVR feature that enables customers to bypass the queues, request an immediate return call, or schedule a callback at a convenient time of their choice or when the agent will be available.

Automatic number identification

The process of automatic identification of the phone number of a caller during a call. It happens  through computer algorithms, allowing call center agents to gain valuable information about the caller before answering the call enabling personalized customer service.

Average handling time

the average duration of time it takes for a customer service representative to resolve an issue.

Average Hold time

The average duration in which a customer is in queue/ on hold before interacting with an agent.