Why should you consider cloud contact center?

Cloud Contact

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Communication is the key to every business. Whether you are offering products or services, your customers would always want to connect with you. Most of the businesses rely on traditional communication systems.

In order to provide customers with a great experience, you need to do something different. Contact centers provide you the freedom to interact with customers the way you want.

Let’s have a look at WHY a business like yours should consider cloud based contact center?

Understand the contact centers hosted on the cloud

Hosted Contact Center

A contact center is a central point of contact between customers and businesses. A cloud call center software is hosted over the internet that reduces the hardware cost and enhances the overall productivity of the system. 

Contact centers hosted on the cloud makes multi-channel interactions with customers easier and faster. Contact centers help customers make interactions with businesses through voice, email, chat, SMS, social media and other channels. To make the most out of the communication process, it should be optimized to assist customers in every possible way.

Check out the major reasons, why you should consider cloud based contact center?

  1.  Cost Effectiveness
  2.  Customer Experience
  3.  Disaster Recovery
  4.  Easier Deployments
  5.  A Higher level of Productivity

With a powerful and unified agent panel, you can enhance agent productivity. Empower your agents with a unified and intuitive interface to enhance their productivity. Unified interface hosts all the information that agents require to serve customers.

Customers interactions are routed to the most appropriate agent automatically based on customer requirements. Thereby, increasing the agent’s efficiency.

Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) helps teams to focus on other tasks to serve the customers in a more effective way. The ACD is designed to answer inbound interactions and intelligently routes to an appropriate agent. It acts as the backbone of a contact center.

Having a cloud hosted contact center, you can maximize your team performance with such automation tools.

Help customers protect their identity and secure the sensitive personal information, made possible by call masking. In intelligent and cloud based contact center solutions, call masking helps to connect customers with support teams without revealing the identity of either of these.

This feature helps boost customer confidence and loyalty.

  • Insightful Reports and Dashboard
Insightful Reports - Cloud Contact Center
Insightful Reports – Cloud Contact Center – Intellicon

Comprehensive reports and insights provide you the ability to take comprehensive and powerful decisions. Most importantly a real dashboard provides managers a great way to start analyzing data and utilize that data into useful information in the decision making the process.

The real-time analytics and insightful reports help you provide great customer experience. Your agents have all the information in a comprehensive format their disposal, to track, measure and take action immediately.

All-in-all cloud based contact centers provide a great level of assistance in all tasks of customer support for both inbound and outbound communication types.


You can significantly enhance your business communications with cloud based contact centers. With cloud-based contact centers like Intellicon, you can take control of your communication and make upgrades without downtime or upfront investment. You can experience exceptional reliability and greater connectivity across the globe. 

Intellicon is a purpose-built cloud-based/on-premises contact center solution that provides you great flexibility, agent productivity, and compelling customer experience.

Want to know more about cloud based contact center solutions. Get a free consultation from experts.

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