How Cloud Based Contact Center Can Enhance Your Customer Service

Cloud Based Contact Center

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Evolution Of Contact Centers

Today a significant number of the contact centers are running traditional mode of contact centers. Such contact centers cannot keep pace with the way customers and businesses now communicate. Traditional contact centers are distressing and have certain issues that result in lack of satisfactory resolution and response.

A cloud based contact center revolutionizes the way customers interact with the businesses. 

How it Impacts Businesses?

It provides a wide range of benefits to businesses who want to meet and enhance their customer’s expectations. Eventually addressing common consumer complaints, which include on-call hold duration, slow turnaround times, distressing number of call transfers and redundant issue statements resulting in inefficient and slower customer services.

Businesses using such old school contact centers may not be able to utilize modern mediums to communicate with customers, which in short means missing hundreds of potential customers.

According to “Forbes”

“Cloud investments, can significantly reduce costs without sacrificing functionality and would lead to total adaptation in 2017 beyond.”

cloud based contact center

Economic Growth

Cloud based contact centers help businesses maximize utilization of agents and are more prone to growth. Increasing trend of communication APIs for contact centers now made the process much easier. Building a cloud based contact center is now faster than ever before. Modern communication channels and features can also be added easily.

Rapid growth of cloud-based contact centers shows that more organization now believe on high profitability without sacrificing functional requirements as well as improving operational costs and eventually enhancing the customer service. In view of these aspects, organizations can now have a deeper understanding of data and can utilize that data to cater future customer needs.

Let’s look at the key aspects that Cloud-based Contact Centers address:

 24/7 Customer Support and better scalability:

The most important and basic feature of any cloud based service is that it is available all the time for users whenever and wherever. With no hassles in hosting information on servers, enterprises can now have agents working from virtual locations and eventually customer queries can be resolved much easily and rapidly.

Enhanced Customer Experience:

The agents can work on multiple platforms from a single workstation, thereby multitasking and offering comprehensive customer support whenever and wherever.

Add Communication Channels Easily :

Now with the increasing trend of e-commerce the modern communication channels are now mostly used to connect with businesses. Therefore, with cloud based call centers businesses can offer these communication channels (such as SMS or Facebook Messenger) and can easily update your phone menu.

Faster customer query resolution:

Cloud based systems make integration of various API much easier so addressing the customer queries becomes much easier and more particularly reliable.

Securing client data on the cloud:

Cloud-based systems ensure the integrity and sovereignty of data. Serious threats to data now a days are one of the major concerns of consumers while selecting any new service. Cloud providers make sure they stay ahead of the security threats. Cloud contact centers empower security much better than the on premise call center systems.


Today, thousands of organizations are opting Cloud based technologies to enhance their business process and better serve their customers. They are turning to cloud based systems to cut off operational costs without having to sacrifice quality and customer service.

With Intellicon you can bring the speed, flexibility and savings of cutting-edge cloud based call center solutions. It provides all the functional requirements in conjunction with the latest and the greatest communication channels to provide seamless customer services.

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