intelligent Help Desk Software

Customer Services

IntelliDesk is an intelligent Help Desk Software, which can be used to automate the Help desk processes and enhance support agent productivity. It helps in ticket management and track of every activity performed on Ticket(s) for reports and data analytics.


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Sales CRM

IntelliSales™ is our Sales Lead Management solution, With our Sales Lead management module, you can optimize your sales team performance. It offers complete Omni-Channel Lead Creation, Lead Management, Correspondence and collaboration which help you close more sales.

Anti Counterfeiting

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Customer Engagement

Open API infrastructure empowers you to Integrate your systems with Intellicon and drive a personalized customer experience.

Digital Onboarding

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Debt Collection

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Customer Experience (CX) Analysis

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Intellicon contact center solution for emergency response can be integrated with any system.
You can offer quick, accurate and efficient response to victims without any hassle.

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