Banking and Fintech

As the financial landscape evolves, so does the demand for impeccable customer service. Intellicon is your answer to enhancing customer experience, streamlining operations, and maximizing efficiency in the dynamic world of Banking & Fintech.

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Our Banking and Fintech Partners

Optimize Your Banking Customer Experience

Digital Customer Onboarding

Offers a seamless, paperless process, enhancing efficiency and reducing onboarding time. Ensure regulatory compliance while delivering a superior experience.

whatsapp banking

Enables real-time customer interactions, providing instant support and personalized services, to elevate accessibility and engagement with WhatsApp Chatbot.

kyc for digital banking

Automate your identity verification, bolstering security and compliance. Ensure robust risk management, accelerates onboarding, and fortifies regulatory adherence.

Transaction verification

Employs advance algorithms to scrutinize transactions swiftly with OTP's & push notifications, fortifying fraud detection and ensuring secure financial operations.

Mobile App Banking

Enjoy secure access to your finances, bill payments, and transfers with Intellicon's intuitive mobile banking app allowing customers to conduct transactions seamlessly.

e-reciepts thorugh whatsapp

Offers instant, secure receipt delivery right within your WhatsApp chat eliminating paper receipts and streamline your record-keeping, and store them for refund claim.

self-service banking

Empowers your customers to manage their finances conveniently with Smart IVR, Self-service reduces branch traffic, costs and enhances operational efficiency.

helpdesk automation for complaints

Optimizes resource allocation, enhances customer satisfaction, and ensures efficient complaint handling through automated workflows to reduce wait times.

What our Clients say about us?

Intellicon enabled us to effectively gauge the performance of our agents, providing valuable insights of the complaints & requests of the customers that have meaningly improved productivity across the board.

Umair Ahmed Manager Contact Center - Keenu

We are overjoyed with our partner's extraordinary mastery in crafting unforgettable customer experiences, effortlessly amplifying interactions across a multitude of channels – calls, Facebook, Instagram and email encounters.

Ayesha Amjad Assistant Manager - NDURE

We are happy to partner with contegris for our contact center solution. They have a feature rich flexible contact center platform, innovative approach, have got good experience in the market and a pragmatic roadmap which suites our strategy.

Nuvin Jatala IT Head - Finca