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Automatic Dialer

Intellicon's auto dialer enhances customer service team productivity and efficiency by automating calls, allowing agents to concentrate on delivering excellent customer service.

Auto-dialer Intellicon

Key Industry Statistics

Enhanced Productivity

Research indicates that advance dialer technology can increase agent productivity by up to 300%, a testament to the transformative impact of our solutions on your operations.

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increase agent productivity

Improved Contact Rates

Industry studies reveal that effective use of dialer technology can lead to a 50% improvement in contact rates, emphasizing its significance in maximizing customer engagement and retention.


improvement in contact rates

Dialer Technology at a Glance

Predictive Dialer

automates outbound call pacing based on agent availability and historical call metrics, maximizing agent talk time and minimizing idle time.

Progressive dialer

presents one contact at a time to agents, dialing the next number only when the agent is available, ensuring precision and compliance.

Comparative Insights

Predictive Vs Progressive Dialer

Predictive Dialer

  • Are efficient in high-volume environments
  • Optimize agent talk time
  • Manage call pacing autonomously
  • Are ideal for standardized scripts
  • Can risk compliance issues due to dropped calls

Progressive Dialer

  • Excel in precision and compliance
  • Optimize lead contact quality
  • Adhere to agent availability
  • Are suitable for complex, detailed interactions.
  • Mitigate compliance risks by allowing greater control over dialing.

Benefits of Advanced Dialer Technology

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