Secure Your Brand, Authenticate Your Products

Product authenticity being paramount and counterfeit products flooding the market, Intellicon's Anti Counterfeiting Solution is your defense mechanism against such threats, enabling businesses to safeguard their products, maintain brand integrity, and provide assurance to their customers.

Anti Counterfeiting Solution (2)
WhatsApp Verification

WhatsApp Verification

  • Swiftly scan a QR code or send a product code via WhatsApp to verify its authenticity.
  • Receive instant feedback on the product’s genuineness, with the option for multimedia verification like images or videos.

Call-based Authentication

  • Dial a toll-free number, input the product’s unique code, and receive immediate vocal confirmation. 
  • Integrated IVR systems for multi-layered product verification.

SMS Confirmation

  • Send a product code via SMS and receive a text response confirming the product’s authenticity.
  • Benefit from two-way SMS integration for additional queries or concerns.

Protect Your Brand with Intellicon

User-friendly Interface

Easy for businesses to integrate and simpler for customers to use, ensuring a smooth verification process.

Instant Verification

Real-time authentication ensures customers can immediately verify their purchase, building trust and rapport.

Multi-Layered Security

Our system boasts advanced encryption and unique product codes to prevent duplication or forgery.

Data Analytics and Insights

Gather insights about verification patterns, identify potential counterfeit hotspots, and enhance your defense strategy.

Boost Security & Unlock Benefits

Uphold Brand Integrity

Ensure that customers always receive genuine products, maintaining brand trust and reputation.

Enhanced Customer Trust

By providing instant verification tools, assure customers of product quality and authenticity.

Protect Revenue

Curtail the sale of counterfeit products and secure your revenue streams.

Data-Driven Decisions

Utilize verification data to improve distribution and marketing strategies.

Robust and Versatile Solution

Robust and versatile solutions tailored to the modern consumer. In the fight against counterfeiting, Intellicon stands by businesses, providing Whether it’s via WhatsApp, Call, or SMS, ensure your products’ integrity is never in doubt.