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Call Center Solution

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With enormous growth in the eCommerce, retail and other interconnected industries in Pakistan, there are numerous challenges faced by today’s smart businesses to maintain sustainable revenue and survive in such a tough environment.

It has become imperative to establish a dynamic Call Center / Contact Center facility to be able to deliver a Satisfying Customer Experience (CX) and make timely strategic decisions backed by data analytics in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Contact Center Solutions do exist but the decent ones come at a significantly high cost and limited support if you’re on a budget. This inspired Contegris to develop Intellicon – a.k.a ‘Intelligent Contact Center Solution’ which they claim to be the best value for money for today’s smart businesses.

What is Intellicon?

Intellicon is a complete solution for Inbound, Outbound and Blended Call Center / Contact Center operations. In fact it’s not just a call center but an intelligent contact center platform which has been designed to improve your (CXS) Customer Experience Strategy and empower all the teams i.e. Customer Services, Engineering/Technical and Management with its rich feature set to achieve tangible results.

Why do I need such a sophisticated contact center solution like Intellicon?

“According to Harvard Business Review companies who successfully implement a customer experience strategy achieve higher customer satisfaction rates and increased revenues”

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Intellicon features explained

Whatspp Business - Omni channel

  • Omni-Channel customer engagement: With Intellicon you are not just limited to phone calls but can interact with your customers by using SMS, Email, Live Chat, Social Media and any other channel of their choice. All the interactions are managed from a unified agent panel. It does not matter which channel your customers adopt, they will get a satisfying Customer Experience every time.
  • IntelliFlow: Whether you want to design a simple call flow or you have a complex IVR, you don’t have to worry about implementing it in your live system.

Call Center Solution From A Pakistani Software Company

Intelliflow is a Drag & Drop system configurator which can be used to design any kind of call flow

  • Unified Agent Panel: All the information and tools for the Customer Experience agents are available on a unified agent panel i.e. Dialer (Phone), Customer Information, Customer History, Call Recordings, Chat, SMS, Email etc which empower the CX Agents to deliver a personalized and satisfying customer experience
  • Customer Contact Management: CX Agents have the option to save the contact information via a handy contact management form. Next call will be displayed with caller’s name along with contact history
  • Real-time system dashboards: Management Team can get a real-time view of the contact center on a beautiful and informative dashboard.

Intellicon Real-time Dashboard

  • Quality Assurance: This module gives power to the QA team, they can Listen, rate, report, download and comment on the call recordings from the same web based interface and can also attach a file with their own customized QA Form.
  • Custom Form Builder: You can create your own custom data forms and attach them to your campaigns for data gathering in a standardized format. The form automatically opens with every new call and the CX agents can capture the required data from the customer in a seamless way.
  • CTI Integration: You can integrate Intellicon with your existing ERP, CRM, Website or any Database driven application and can fetch any information from the system or post the gathered data to your system using a standard API interface.

  • Multiple campaigns: You can optimize your workforce utilization by serving multiple campaigns with a single team of CX agents and your customers won’t be able to judge the unification. 
  • Multiple Teams: You can also have multiple teams of CX agents and manage them in a single Intellicon deployment, which helps you achieve the maximum Return On your Investment (ROI).
  • Insightful analytical reports: Intellicon has detailed reports which are handy, insightful and exportable to excel, csv and PDF formats. The reports gives insight about Team Performance, Specific campaign performance, Tags based analytics and many other key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Listen to live calls: With Intellicon shadow admin feature, the supervisor can Join live calls, Whisper to the CX Agents or just listen to the live calls in stealth mode.
  • Contact Center + HelpDesk: An additional HelpDesk module ‘Intellidesk’ can be integrated to Intellicon to establish a complete contact center and HelpDesk platform for any kind of business process.
  • On-Site and On-Cloud Deployment: Intellicon is available On Site and On Cloud deployment models, which gives freedom to our customers to implement the technology according to their business strategy
  • Managed services and professional support: The best value for our customers is our team of experts who are passionate about delivering exceptional support and professional services. We have experts in the field of Telecom, IP Networks and IT Infrastructure which gives us an edge to deliver end to end solution and services.

With all these capabilities combined, Intellicon helps businesses excel and win over the competition by empowering the teams at every tier to deliver a Satisfying Customer Experience.

For free consultation and live demo of Intellicon, please click here

Customer Reviews

See what our valuable customers say about us

Adeel S. Alvi, Senior Manager IT at

Intellicon is a great product by Contegris. It has helped us in making our work easy at A complex integration was easily done with our in-house developed CRM application. Their team members are very professional and are always available for help. I am happy to see the quality of work from our national company and believe that Intellicon will be a valuable resource for the eCommerce industry.

Junaid Mir, CEO at Shahi Sawari

To succeed as a Tech Startup, we needed a reliable contact center solution for Shahi Sawari. Intellicon gave us all the required features and capabilities to effectively communicate with our customers. Their team is really helpful and sincerely cares for their customers rather than just being a vendor.

Sumaira Andleeb, Customer Care Manager at Stylo Group

We were facing difficulty in managing our customer care and keeping track of different data sources for multiple brands under the Stylo Group. After implementing Intellicon and IntelliDesk to automate our customer care department, we are achieving substantial results. Integration with our existing Microsoft AXwas seamless and we are very happy with their team.



Do we have solution for your industry?


If you are looking for a call center solution for eCommerce, Banking, Retail, FinTech, Service Provider, HealthCare, Hospitality, Security & Automation, Emergency Response, Consumer Electronics, Utilities, Insurance and BPO or any other business vertical then Intellicon is the answer.

For free consultation and live demo of Intellicon, please click here

About Contegris (Pvt) Ltd

Contegris is a Lahore based self-financed startup, founded by Eitesam Ahmad Khan and Habib-un-Nabi Shahid in 2012. The founders have more than a decade of experience in telecom service provider industry and have a privilege of starting their careers from scratch and gradually climbed up the corporate ladder, hands on learning at every stage

Contegris excels in following areas

  1. Unified Communication & IP PBX Solutions
  2. Network Infrastructure Solutions
  3. Enterprise Software Solutions
  4. Cloud Computing Solutions
  5. IT Infrastructure Solutions
  6. Contact Center Solutions
  7. Help Desk Solutions

Workplace Ideology

Contegris is a purpose driven organization with a mission to establish a workplace based on positive, exciting and fun filled culture where people are respected, recognized and given opportunities to explore their natural potential to achieve excellence in creating valuable technology solutions

Contegris values skills and offer numerous opportunities for a promising career in Software Development, Networking & IT Infrastructure. To apply for a job at Contegris click here.

For free consultation and live demo of Intellicon, please click here

Intellicon™, IntelliX™ & IntelliDesk™, YOVO™ and Contegris™ are the registered trademarks of Contegris (Pvt) Ltd and protected under the Copyright act

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